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Recently, I sat down with Derek Keefe, AKA AmbitionZ VapeR on YouTube. We talked about everything vaping related and about his success in gaining such a large following. If you missed it, check out the interview below.

Derek creates videos on YouTube where he has reviewed hundreds of vape products and then informs the public with his personal take on each one. His trademark phrase is, “If a mugger stole my bookbag and this product was inside it, would I go out and buy it?”

Derek is all about helping vapers get off the “stinkies” as he calls it and helps vapers find products that will help them along the journey of vaping.  He reviews everything from starter kits to high-end vape products. Vaping saved his life, so he wants to pay it forward. He does vaping consumers a great service. His 33K+ subscribers would agree.

We started out talking about his experience with vaping. Derek said he was a smoker since the age of 13 or 14 years old. He was able to quit traditional cigarettes for good using vaping as the alternative. He hasn’t look back since and is extremely happy he made a decision to go out and buy his first vape device. He has been smoke-free for close to 4 years now.

He explained that helping people quit smokes and informing smokers more about vaping was the driving force for him to take it to YouTube and make videos. Someone helped him, so he felt the need to get his newfound knowledge out their to the masses. He states, “It is intimidating for a smoker to look at the vaping market and figure out what is going to work for them.” He is definitely right! There are tons of products out there, and they keep coming out with new items every day.

He didn’t imagine he would capture such a large audience when he first started loading videos. But, low and behold, vaping has grown in popularity since he started and quite naturally his YouTube channel’s numbers followed suit. It looks to me he is only getting started… He stays humble and is all about honesty. He tells it like it is. Those are qualities that vapers like myself look for when researching anything vaping related. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so finding the honest truth is refreshing. You get the truth from AmbitionZ VapeR.

Check it it below and stay tuned for more Daily Vaper interviews that are coming soon.


Daily Vaper Interview: November 6, 2017

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