Salma Hayek Calls For Reparations For Actresses Who Have Been Underpaid

Mike Brest | Reporter

Actress Salma Hayek said that male actors should take a pay cut to serve as reparations for the unfair treatment and payment of women in Hollywood.

Hayek has been very vocal about the #MeToo movement and the fight for gender equality.

She spoke Sunday at a conference at the Cannes Film Festival in support of the fight for gender equality, Reuters reports.

“The actors have to say: ‘OK, time’s up. I had a good run but now it’s also time to be generous with the actresses in the films. We all have to be part of the adjustment. That’s one idea. I’m going to be hated for it. I hope I can get a job after this!”

This comes on the heals of Hayek opening up and discussing the accusations surrounding disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. She also expressed frustration over Weinstein’s decision to only comment on the allegations made by women of color because they are the easiest to discredit according to her.

In an interview about Weinstein, she said, “He only responded to two women, two women of color. It was a strategy by the lawyers, because we are the easiest to get discredited. It is a well-known fact, if you are a woman of color, people believe what you say less. So he went attacking the two women of color, in hopes that if he could discredit us, he could then maybe discredit the rest.”

Hayek accused the disgraced Weinstein of sexual harassment back in 2002, when she was filming the movie “Frida.”

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