‘None Of My Heroes Are Musicians Or Actors’ — Meghan McCain Blows Away Hollywood Arrogance

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

The View’s Meghan McCain said her heroes are not Hollywood stars, but Americans who perform important roles Tuesday.

“None of my heroes are musicians or actors.”


“No disrespect to this table, no disrespect to art and music, and pop culture, and art is incredibly important in society. None of my heroes are musicians or actors. None of my heroes are musicians or actors, and it’s okay if like, your fire chief down the street is your hero because he saved your house. Anybody who’s a nurse is my hero, you know?”(RELATED: Joy Behar On The Trump Family — ‘They’re All Going To End Up Together In Prison, And Maybe That’s A Good Thing’)

McCain has become known for her sharp tongue on The View, often battling her co-hosts on political issues. (RELATED: ‘So Turned Off’ – Meghan McCain Unloads On Hillary And The Audience Erupts Into Applause)

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