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Democrats Actively Sought Out Second Kavanaugh Accuser, Ronan Farrow Confirms

'It has cornered her into an awkward position'

Joe Scarborough Says Substance Doesn't Matter As Kavanaugh And Accuser Will Come Down To 'Who Is Best On Television'

'No way to pick a Supreme Court justice'

A North Carolina Highway Is Covered In Dead Fish From Florence

'There were thousands'

A Big Crisis Is Brewing With The Tennessee Football Program. Here's What Happened

What is going on?

CNN's John Avlon Accuses Senate Republicans Of Ducking The Truth Ahead Of Blasey Ford's Testimony

'Not interested in a inquiry in the truth'

Big Ten Bounces Back In Week Four

The league redeems itself

Kavanaugh Protesters Gather For 'Blackout, Walkout' March To Supreme Court

'Senator Hirono declined to comment on a DCNF posed question to her'

'I'm Not Going Anywhere': Kavanaugh Strikes Back At Accusers

'We’re looking for a fair process'

Alabama's QB Has The Wisest Words In The History Of College Football

Here's what he tweeted

Newly Minted Citizens Explain The Benefits Of Immigrating The Right Way: Legally

An Unexpected NFL Rookie Quarterback Looked Like A Young Brett Favre Sunday [VIDEO]

He was awesome

Johnny Manziel's Football Future Is Looking Bright These Days. Here's The Reason Why

Things are going well

'Ludicrous' — Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo Tag-Team A 'Fact Check' On CNN's Jim Acosta

They really did not like this question

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Says New Kavanaugh Accusations Could Be 'All Lies' But Have A 'Ring Of Truth'

'The idea it’s all made up seems preposterous at this point'

Cruz-Supported Scalia Clerk Lined Up To Oversee Russia Investigation Upon Rosenstein's Impending Exit

'Would make a phenomenal justice'

Dozens Arrested Protesting Kavanaugh In Senate Office Building

'That's why we're disrupting'

Michael Moore's Anti-Trump Film Bombs At The Box Office. The Numbers Are Horrific

It's terrible

Childish Gambino Injured During Dallas Concert. Here's What We Know


Watch A Bunch Of Morons Fight At A Football Tailgate. The Video Is Absolutely Shocking


Law Professor Jonathan Turley Says Congressional Democrats Have Low Standard Of Proof For Kavanaugh Accusers

'We’ll just believe the accuser. That’s too easy. It's too opportunistic'

Judge Judy Weighs In On The Kavanaugh Situation. Here's What She Had To Say 

'One can only hope...'

Sen Mazie Hirono Continues To Attack Republicans Who Question Kavanaugh Accusers

'Shut up and step up'

Tom Homan Had Some Advice For Republicans Who've Refused To Pass Border Wall Legislation And It's Not Pretty

'It has worked - 100 percent of the time'

Conservative MP: ‘Trudeau’s Minister Of Nothing Keeps Misleading Canadians’ About Border Crisis

‘This needs to stop'

Jane Mayer Says No Political Motivation Behind Timing Of Second Allegation

'Nobody is really alleging that politics was the motivation here'

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