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The Far-Left Olympics: Who Can Chase More Prominent Conservatives Out Of Restaurants?

Where will this lead?

Chuck Schumer Demands Mitch McConnell Apologize To Blasey Ford

'It is galling'

UN Delegates Laugh After Trump Roasts Previous Administrations

'My administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country'

Rod Rosenstein Should Be Questioned Under Oath About 25th Amendment Rumors, Says Jason Chaffetz

'Cannot happen soon enough'

Antifa Sends Threatening Message To Ted Cruz After Disrupting His Dinner: 'You Are Not Safe'

'We will find you'

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Below The Belt With Joke About Cutting Off Kavanaugh's 'Pesky Penis' If He's Confirmed

'I thought I had a solution there for a minute'

Watch: A Mashup Of Liberal Protesters Attacking Conservatives While Eating

Protesters chased Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant in Washington, DC

Schumer: 'There Is No Presumption Of Innocence Or Guilt' For Kavanaugh

'What I believe is we ought to get to the bottom and find the facts in the way the FBI has always done'

Report Challenges Key Details Of Senate Democrat Hopeful's Homeless Upbringing

'It just bothers me a little bit that someone would say that about family'

Sarah Sanders Lays Into Democrats For Treatment Of Kavanaugh

'Appalling and disgusting'

New Kavanaugh Allegation Is So Full Of Holes It Could Hurt The Democrats

Zero eyewitnesses

Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Targets House Republicans With Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign

The digital ad campaign will target 15 House races

'Foolish' Firing Of Comey Has Brought Hell Fire Raining Down On The White House, Says Joe Scarborough

'Going to be thrust into an even deeper legal hell'

Watch The Scary Moment A WWE Girl Seems To Accidentally Knock Out Her Opponent [VIDEO]

That's not supposed to happen

Sarah Sanders Says White House Open To Allowing Deborah Ramirez To Testify On Kavanaugh Allegations

'We would be open to that'

The Smear Campaign Against Judge Brett Kavanaugh Intensifies [VIDEO]

His due process is being violated

This Video Of Women Fighting At A Football Game Will Make You Weep For America


Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Declares Rod Rosenstein Done At The DOJ

'Not going to be the deputy attorney general after the election'

Trump Defiant: Rejects Globalism For Patriotism Before UN Assembly

'We only ask that you...'

‘We’re Stupid’ — Joe Scarborough Says Rosenstein Story Was A Distraction That Media Fell For

'It was just smoke and mirrors, and we all fell for it'

Joe Scarborough Fact-Checks Joy Behar On Live TV When She Claims 2016 Election Was 'Stolen'

'Do they only steal the elections your side loses?'

Judge Napolitano Says Brett Kavanaugh's Catholicism Is A Central Reason Behind Democratic Resistance

'Of course it is because he's Catholic'

Joe Scarborough Says 'At The End Of The Day,' Kavanaugh Will Survive Scandal

When Fox News Cuts Away From Kellyanne To Cover Bill Cosby, She Makes Kavanaugh Remark

'Why did the Democrats sit on this letter all this time?'

Democrats Actively Sought Out Second Kavanaugh Accuser, Ronan Farrow Confirms

'It has cornered her into an awkward position'

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