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U.S. President Obama speaks about Ukraine at the White House in Washington
It seems like the public's never going to like it
U.S. President Obama greets U.S. Vice President Biden before signing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act at the White House in Washington
Progressives are still dancing with business, and the media plays on
'Does every country have this obligation, or just ours?'
'This is the Obama administration's open borders policy to voter registration'
Photo of David Horowitz
President, David Horowitz Freedom Center
By broadcasting austerity, the GOP loses the moral argument, despite the chronic failure of progressive policy.
Photo of Rep. Darrell Issa
Chairman, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
There's nothing phony about a world on fire and a domestic policy in shambles.
Photo of Carly Fiorina
Chairman, Unlocking Potential Project
'Our friends and allies have concluded they can't count on us. And our enemies have decided they can ignore us.'
Photo of Keith Naughton
Public Affairs Consultant
'If you have had enough of Obama, drop the impeachment talk and get out and vote.'
Photo of William F. Shughart II
Research Director, Independent Institute
'The United States should neither be the world’s policeman, nor should it be the world’s wet nurse.'
Photo of Bob Stump
Chairman, Arizona Corporation Commission
Some questions for the Republican pro-solar group that attacks other Republicans
Photo of Rep. Lamar Smith
Chairman, House Science Space, and Technology Committee
Taxpayer money shouldn't be spent on frivolous musicals.
Photo of George J. Hochbrueckner
Former Congressman (D-NY)
Putin considers fisheries a 'strategic' sector
Photo of W. James Antle III
Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation
Israelis and Palestinians could agree.
Photo of Patrick Maines
President, The Media Institute
Our watchdogs are progressive muckrakers, who put on a veneer of impartiality.


'We should've done that reality show they offered us'
House Speaker John Boehner talks to reporters during his meeting with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington
Business-friendly leaders ignore polls and voters
'I do get concerned with statements from Secretary Kerry'
'This isn't some abstract bureaucratic exercise'
Agency failed to acknowledge multiple requests
'This continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine'
Pop It! Sundae In A Can
Now he just needs to combine cronuts and sundaes
'I think I'm going to sing 'Woman Is The N***** Of The World' at the Black History Month Talent Show'
The supermodel blooms after Bieber fight
'I think all of us are open to the possibility that these brave folks were exposed to things that caused further illness'
(Photo: Getty Images)
The Senate is getting reaaal steamy
Owner claims he was just meeting a 'friend'
We're really sorry (CUSTOMER NAME)
'I think this would be a ground-sweeping move by the president'
'Hotel rooms, air fare, frequenting adult entertainment establishments, rental car costs ...'
Do you realize just how awful that place is?
Someone please tell these people to stop reproducing
Wally the Green Monster
'Do I want my HR guy picking the name of my favorite football team? No'
U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor and House Speaker Boehner address reporters after a Republican caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington
Had been expected to serve out full term
Good old Kim Kardashian caused quite a stir when she posted this picture of her bum. (Photo: Instagram)
If only her caboose would cooperate
Chinese engineering student beaten to death with baseball bat
Virginia pretty Creative Commons/Todd Vance
'A resolution that is just and fair for all parties'
Will he bring his talents to Julia Ward Howe Elementary School?
Wheeler takes his seat to testify before a House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing on oversight of the FCC on Capitol Hill in Washington
'Something smells rotten'
President Barack Obama
'The kinds of things that happen in junior high, when you say that somebody else is a really bad person'
'At least the Republicans would have shown that they can do something'
'Once again, my confirmation bias has led me astray'
'The health department cited so many rules and regulations that it just blew my mind'
The expansion was hidden in the details
The sun rises over the Supreme Court in Washington
Citing Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber's split comments
Chief Executive of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood
Earnings report revenue up 89 percent from Q2 2013
Peaches in Panties
File this under weird fruit trends
People sign up for health insurance information at a Covered California event in Los Angeles
Obamacare not lowering costs yet
'UAC and family unit illnesses and unfamiliarity with bathroom facilities resulted in unsanitary conditions'
The zombie border bill is trying to crawl out of the grave
Protesters supporting Snowden hold a photo of him during a demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong
'We hope that the issue will be resolved today or tomorrow'
'They are beautiful, but don't do it.'
A employee stands in the Microsoft booth during the 2014 Computex exhibition at the TWTC Nangang exhibition hall in Taipei
But the order is temporarily stayed so Microsoft can appeal
Lenar Whitney
'They are lumping all the conservative women together'
screenshot 2014-07-31 at 3.32.17 pm
Supermodel says her beauty didn't get her anywhere
Italian journalist reports misfired Hamas rocket -- not IDF strike -- killed civilians earlier this week
Photo Credit: Getty Images
'That's something we are very concerned about...'
Minority Leader Pelosi speaks to the media after a meeting with U.S. President Obama and House of Representatives democratic leadership at the White House in Washington
A gift from God?
Wisconsin Governor Walker speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Spring Leadership Meeting at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas
A win for Scott Walker
House Speaker John Boehner talks to reporters during his meeting with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington
It was an exciting three days
Trey Gowdy
Gowdy's panel ramping up efforts
Former pres admits he chose to spare the terrorist's life on newly released recordings
'We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush'
Investigation findings prompt internal review
President Obama has lunch at the Chipotle Restaurant in Washington
'Global warming has become the Obama Nanny State's Swiss Knife'