Can Rush Limbaugh Make This Man President?

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Radio show host Limbaugh speaks at a forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington

'Pedal-to-the-metal, wall-to-wall conservatism'

College Gender 'Open House' Is An Angry Idea

Opinion | Patrick Howley
Obama addresses graduates at Wesleyan University in Middletown


Walker Says He Doesn't Believe In 'Amnesty' Before Saying He Supports An 'Amnesty'

Opinion | Jamie Weinstein
Gov. Scott Walker speaks at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference

The governor is playing a game of semantics

Fight Songs And America's Wussification

Opinion | John Steigerwald
University of Wisconsin vs Wofford College, 2010 NCAA East Regional Playoffs Round 1

That's right. No more fight song

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Photo of Dipka Bhambhani

Madison Is Not Missouri, But Alabama Beating Is A Wake-Up Call For Asian Americans

Communications Specialist
Asian Americans don’t generally play the “race card.”
Photo of Allan Stevo

Bitcoin's Not About The Flash, Its Beauty Is In The Boring Detail

Conservative Writer
Technology has already changed how we think about crypto-currencies.
Photo of Greg Jones

Pipeline Politics: The Real Reason Behind Obama’s Keystone Veto

Freelance Writer
The proposed XL extension runs through solid red states.
Photo of Rep. Chris Stewart

If You Love The Internet, Set It Free

Congressman, Utah 2nd District
The future of the Internet will come when the government gets out of the way.
Photo of Peter Fricke

T-Mobile's Support For Title II Could Earn It Favors From The FCC

Tech scholar says 'I think this is a quid pro quo'
Photo of Keith Naughton

The Decline Of The Shopping Mall: A Capitalist Story

Public Affairs Consultant
'You would think these people would get tired of being wrong all the time.'
Photo of Patrick Phillippi

Millennials Pulling The GOP To The Middle

Associate, Civitas Public Affairs Group
Leading Republicans are starting to course-correct.
Photo of Alan Keyes

Freedom Means Having The Choice, Liberty Means Using It To Do Right

Former Assistant Secretary of State
Good or evil is a choice, both sides agree on that.
Photo of Patrick Bissett

Meet Mercedes Carrera: Gamergate's Porn Star Patron

Freelance Journalist
'The fact that we live in a society where we are afraid to speak concerns me.'
Photo of Lanny Davis

The Clintons: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Former Special Counsel to President Clinton
'This is supposed to be a bad story for Clinton and for America?'

CNN Informs America That 'Jihadi John' Is None Other Than VLADIMIR PUTIN

World | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/RT

'We apologize for that mistake'

What About Bob? Another 2016 Candidate Emerges

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Bob Ehrlich

But does he have a shot?

Black Sheriff: Ferguson Desecrates The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

'None of these people deserved to have been killed, but they were co-conspirators in their own demise'

Shock Video Emerges Of LAPD Shooting Homeless Man

US | Chuck Ross

Bystanders grow agitated

Walker: 'Whatever You Do, Don't Stop Reforming'

Politics | Heather Smith

'I ride a Harley. I don't golf.'

Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutors

US | Chuck Ross

'This is scary'

Black TV Host: Sharpton Is 'Black Pawn' For 'White Masters,' Obama Is 'Bought And Paid For'

Politics | Alex Griswold

'We have to stop the financial genocide the against black community.'

Republican Whip: 'Light Up The Senate Switchboard' To Fight Obama Amnesty

Politics | Chuck Ross

'Make those Democrats feel the heat'

Scott Walker On Amnesty: 'My Views Have Changed'

Politics | Alex Griswold

'We need to secure the border.'

Boehner: America Thinks Obama's 'Running The Country Right Off The Cliff'

Politics | Alex Griswold

'It's the president of the United States overreaching.'

Democrat Blames DEMOCRATS For Politicizing Netanyahu Speech

Politics | Alex Griswold

'It would have been a non-issue...'

City Of Cleveland Argues 12-Year-Old Boy Shot By Police Caused His Own Death

US | Chuck Ross

City also claims it didn't know about officer's dismal work history

Elizabeth Warren: 'I'm In'

Politics | Chuck Ross
US Senator Warren speaks at the Center for American Progress' 2014 Policy Conference  in Washington

The senator sends an exciting email

Washington State Ranks Poorly On Economic Report

Business | PG Veer
General view of a coal mine site where a fire broke out on Tuesday in Soma, a district in Turkey's western province of Manisa

Numerous uncertainties surrounding regulations

'I Am Not Afraid': Massive Protests Sweep Moscow After Putin Critic Killed

World | Katie Frates
People hold flags and posters during march to commemorate Kremlin critic Nemtsov in central Moscow

Tens of thousands rally to support the murdered politician

The REAL Reasons Conservatives Are So MAD About AP US History

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Reagan at Berlin Wall AFP/Getty Images

Ignore, the MSM, it's a lot more than you think

Kerry: No One In Administration Is Trying To 'Minimize' Terrorism

Politics | Alex Griswold

'We're all super focused on this.'

Sheriff's Deputy Fired For 'Inappropriate' Act On 65-Year-Old Man In A Wheelchair

US | Chuck Ross

'Gracious alive!'

Former Gov Gary Johnson Criticizes Laws That Unfairly Benefit Unions

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
Gary Johnson

'I think commonsense prevails constantly and that this is really a commonsense issue'

Rubio: 'I Come From Extraordinary Privilege'

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Republican U.S. Senator and possible presidential candidate for 2016 Rubio speaks during an appearance in Hollis

'Our leaders have no problem writing laws and rules making it harder to smoke'


Education | Eric Owens
Creative Commons/Kinimod88, YouTube screenshot/the Last videos

'Contrary to popular opinion, ISIS does not have support in the American Muslim community'

ISIS Yearns To Be North Korea And Nine More Things You Won't Believe About These Muslim LUNATICS

World | Eric Owens
Collage (left to right): YouTube screenshot/MOVIECLIPS, Getty Images/Godong, Getty Images/Abid Katib,Getty Images/Universal Image Group, Getty Images/Brendan Smialowski

Is the reappearance of Jesus Christ involved? Naturally, YES!

Websites Forced To Correct And Retract False Stories About Scott Walker

Education | Chuck Ross
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) speaks at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) MARCH 16, 2013 in National Harbor, Maryland. (Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

Attacks on Walker continue

Jeb Bush Says He Won't Sign Grover Norquist's 'No New Taxes' Pledge

Politics | Chuck Ross
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush addresses the Detroit Economic Club in Detroit

Anti-tax crusader hits back on Twitter

What Conservatives Can Learn From A 1980s Cartoon Villain

Opinion | W. James Antle III
American flag. Photo: Creative Commons/Mike LoCascio

Fight for freedom, wherever there's trouble

CPAC Straw Poll Results Are In!

Politics | Al Weaver
Conservatives Gather For Annual CPAC Convention

Can you guess the winner?

Ex-Con Who Kicked In Elderly Man's Door Shouldn't Have Done That

Guns and Gear | Chuck Ross
Handguns are seen for sale in a display case at Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton

'You don't have to wait for them to come in your house'

Hannity Reveals The ONLY 2016 GOP Contender Who REFUSED An Interview

Politics | Alex Griswold

'I was a little disappointed...'

Cruz Concedes 'Defund' Mistakes And Walker Dodges Social Issues

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 2.45.42 PM

Interesting developments on the campaign trail

FCC Commissioner Demolishes Net's New Rules, In 3 Quick Points

Business | Peter Fricke
Ajit Pai FCC Commissioner

'The bogeyman never had it so easy.'

Republican Jewish Coalition Warns: 'Fate Of Mankind' At Stake With Iran Deal

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a press conference with Secretary General of The United Nations Ban Ki- Moon on July 22, 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)

'Nuclear Iran is unthinkable'

Bus Driver With Criminal Record Arrested For DUI On The Way To Pick Up Students For A Field Trip

US | Chuck Ross
full facing school bus Getty Images

Pulled over with beer and liquor bottles in the bus

Here's How Trey Gowdy Is Fighting Back Against Obama's Amnesty

Politics | Chuck Ross
File photo of Rep. Trey Gowdy during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee session in Washington

'We must address interior enforcement'

Is This Union Right To Criticize Walker Over Protestor Comment?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) speaks at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) MARCH 16, 2013 in National Harbor, Maryland. (Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

'It is clear that Governor Walkers judgment is impaired, and that he is not qualified for the Presidency'

An Exclusive Look Inside The Testy Ed Schultz Hearing This Morning

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Ed Schultz

Judge: 'OK, this'll be fun'

Fmr. Governor Says 25 States To Legalize Weed After 2016

Politics | Nick Givas
Gary Johnson Libertarian Party

'I see a tipping point coming in 2016'

Holder, Sharpton Agree: More Crimes Should Be Considered Racist

US | Chuck Ross
Attorney General Eric Holder makes a statement about the grand jury decision not to seek an indictment in the Staten Island death of Eric Garner during an arrest in July, in Washington

'It's certainly something that I'm going to want to talk about before I leave'

You'll Never Guess Who Was Responsible For Duke's Stunt To Broadcast Islamic Prayer Calls Across Campus

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images, public domain/NPatrick6

'Just a continuation of what already has been'

Now You're Speaking My Language: Eight Hotties Who Can't Talk Back

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Ay caramba!

Politico Suggests National Media Will Trump Up Fruitless Walker Investigation

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker participates in a panel discussion at the American Action Forum

'the attack ads opponents could conjure up almost write themselves'

Obama Praises Holder In Teary-Eyed Send-Off Capped By Aretha Franklin Serenade

US | Chuck Ross

Obama and Holder cry during Franklin's 'America the Beautiful'

How One Obscure Blog Post Seems To Have Derailed The Education Debate In Congress

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
A woman lying on train tracks (Flickr photo by paulmcleary)

No, Congress isn't about to mandate Common Core

Obama Threatens Consequences For Immigration Officers. What Does He Have In Mind?

Politics | Neil Munro
President Obama participates in MSNBC/Telemundo town hall discussion on immigration with host Diaz-Balart at Florida International University in Miami

'If ... they don't follow the policy, there are going to be consequences'

Thought You Knew Who The Sexiest Victoria's Secret Angel Was? This Oughta Change Your Mind

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima argue who is the sexiest Angel.

I mean, did you WATCH the VS Swim Special?

Obama CLOBBERED In Head-To-Head Matchup With O'Reilly

US | Al Weaver
Obama Oreilly

The results weren't pretty

Walker Plays Coy Over 2016 Run

Politics | Kerry Picket
Governor Walker speaks at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference

'It's happened not just in Wisconsin but in Michigan, and Ohio, and Iowa, and Florida'

Sessions SLAMS Bush On Immigration Plan

Politics | Neil Munro
Jeff Sessions (R-AL) speaks to the media after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on the Kagan confirmation during a markup hearing July 20, 2010 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

He pushed back against wealthy donors

It's Only $25 To Ride Turkey's 'Highway To Jihad,' And That's A HUGE Problem

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
A Turkish soldier stands guard as Syrian Kurdish refugees wait behind the border fences to cross into Turkey near Suruc in Sanliurfa province

Problematic borders with Syria make a big difference

BREAKING: Jihadi John Is A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan

World | Eric Owens
Skynews screenshot

The computer programmer came from a middle-class, devout Muslim family


The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Looking good ladies

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Bashes Boehner In CPAC Speech

Politics | Alex Griswold

'Just pass good legislation!'

Murdered Putin Critic Said He Was 'A Bit' Concerned Russian President Would Have Him Killed

World | Chuck Ross
Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov attends a rally in central Moscow

Boris Nemtsov was a vocal Putin opponent