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Norman Hughes (YouTube Screenshot)
'I need somebody to help me get out of here'
(Photo: Laisha Magazine)
This girl knows how to represent
Photo of Larry Kudlow
Senior Contributor, CNBC
Rather than a lawsuit, why not a growth plan?
Photo of Rep. Darrell Issa
Chairman, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
There's nothing phony about a world on fire and a domestic policy in shambles.
Photo of David Horowitz
President, David Horowitz Freedom Center
By broadcasting austerity, the GOP loses the moral argument, despite the chronic failure of progressive policy.
Photo of Ashley Bateman
Adjunct Scholar, Lexington Institute
Charter options are thriving, and we should take every opportunity to encourage them.
Photo of William Perry Pendley
President, Mountain States Legal Foundation
States and municipalities should fight the Obama administration's bogus interpretation.
Photo of Ryan Williams
Senior Advisor, Worker Center Watch
The NLRB looks on as unions flout labor laws.
Photo of Carly Fiorina
Chairman, Unlocking Potential Project
'Our friends and allies have concluded they can't count on us. And our enemies have decided they can ignore us.'
Photo of Keith Naughton
Public Affairs Consultant
'If you have had enough of Obama, drop the impeachment talk and get out and vote.'
Photo of William F. Shughart II
Research Director, Independent Institute
'The United States should neither be the world’s policeman, nor should it be the world’s wet nurse.'
Photo of Bob Stump
Chairman, Arizona Corporation Commission
Some questions for the Republican pro-solar group that attacks other Republicans


And there's not much we can do to stop it
A computer user poses in front of a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Brussels
'Google has privacy clay feet'
Infected Americans flying home
Her bikini body is devilish
Progressives are still dancing with business, and the media plays on
'This is the Obama administration's open borders policy to voter registration'
'Does every country have this obligation, or just ours?'
'This is unbelievable'
Had been expected to serve out full term
If only her caboose would cooperate
Chinese engineering student beaten to death with baseball bat
Virginia pretty Creative Commons/Todd Vance
'A resolution that is just and fair for all parties'
Will he bring his talents to Julia Ward Howe Elementary School?
Screenshot of Sarah Harkin via NBC Washington
She leaves behind a grieving husband and four children
'It is back. It's all over the world'
Screenshot (102)
'As a Cuban American...I am appalled'
Reagan basically set the standard with the most presidential picture known to man. (Photo: Michael Evans/ Wikimediacommons)
This comes on the heels of a couple other prominent stories alleging plagiarism
He's not though
A cashier counts out money at Macy's Herald Square on Thanksgiving Day in New York
'No matter how you cut the data'
Sanders and Miller announce bipartisan legislation to address problems in the VA health care system, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington
In-state tuition at all public schools, for all vets
'I hope for a leader who will stand up and be unpopular.'
Hochberg, chairman and president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, testifies before a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing in Washington
Most advisory committee members have personal stake in the bank
'Maybe Ted Cruz is gonna be the next Speaker of the House'
Missouri senator Claire McCaskill famously tweeted out her weight loss goals two years ago in order to help her keep her weight down. She successfully lost 50 pounds as a result. (Photo: Getty Images)
'This bill avoided some of the worst paths they could have chosen'
Obama: 'We're talking the appropriate precautions'
More rates will be out next week
'The political environment is in our favor'
'What they're trying to figure out how to do is to pretend that they're not for it'
Illustration photo of a Facebook error message in a computer screen in Singapore
Facebook's momentary blip in cyberspace today got a breaking news report, and people called the cops
Dustin Johnson of the U.S. tees off on the 10th hole during the second round of the WGC-HSBC Champions golf tournament in Shanghai
Really focusing on his 'physical well-being'
It seems like the public's never going to like it
Florida Marlins v San Francisco Giants
A fix to the fix is needed...and fast
'Why are these things not resonating with the electorate?'
Art + Labs Forum
Does McCurry have dementia?
Detainees are escorted to an area to make phone calls as hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Nogales Placement Center in Nogales, Arizona
'The number of arrivals is still too high'
'Maybe we've spent too long trying to figure all this out with theory'
Accuses Democrat of 'enjoying paired wines and cashmere blankets'
We're talkin' bout practice.
Google Antitrust Probe
After suing Apple and Amazon, the FTC writes a report about companies' lack of consumer info
'This inquiry is going to have to run right to the top'