Why Have Conservatives Been More Successful On Abortion Than Gay Marriage?

Opinion | W. James Antle III
A boy holds up a sign during a rally by gay rights supporters on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg

It might have something to do with the children

Educational Outcomes Today: How Did This Happen In America?

Featured Partner | American Enterprise Institute
Fuller-home image

Ed reformer says school choice is critical for low-income and working-class families

NY Dem. Assembly Speaker Indicted For Corruption Has Been Abandoned By His Party

Politics | Kerry Picket
New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver speaks during a news conference in Albany

'I am still a member of this house.'

It's Almost NASCAR Season, Let's Remember Danica Patrick's HOTTEST Moments

Slideshow | Christian Datoc

Guaranteed to rev your engine

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Photo of Dianna Thompson and Cynthia Garrett

Is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Grandstanding At The Expense of Due Process?

Advocacy Committee, Families Advocating for Campus Equality
The senator has a dubious poster child and worse data
Photo of Ted Nugent

NUGENT: HBO Host Bryant Gumbel Doesn't Get Guns, Calls The NRA 'Pigs'

'America doesn’t have a gun problem. What America has is a disintegrating family problem.'
Photo of Alexander Hendrie

Free Trade And IP Protection Will Benefit From Improving US-India Ties

Associate, Property Rights Alliance
Indian PM Narendra Modi appears committed to IP reform.
Photo of Bill Frezza

Legalize Cocaine: The Real Way To End Drug War Violence In Colombia

Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute
This new group is organizing to legalize production and export.
Photo of Walid Phares

Hezbollah's Stealth Invasion Of A Christian Heartland

Ultimately, Mount Lebanon's community will not accept Hezbollah.
Photo of Lila Rose

I Paid For All These Horrific Abuses ... And So Did You

President, Live Action
Abortions are up and other medicare is down for taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood.
Photo of Marjorie Dannenfelser

Carly Fiorina Showed Courage This Week; Renee Ellmers, Not So Much

President, Susan B. Anthony List
Pro-life bill can attract Millenials
Photo of Andrew Campanella

All Children Are Different, That's Why We Need School Choice

President, National School Choice Week
The dangers of the "knowledge gap"
Photo of David Williams

The Crony Connections Of The Ex-Im Bank's Advisory Board

President, Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Several are connected to projects receiving Ex-Im financing.
Photo of Kent A. Jones

The Coming US-Cuba Trade Boom

Professor, Babson College
Openness will be more subversive of the socialist regime than a blanket embargo.

Is A Gang of Chinese Criminal Thugs Terrorizing Michigan State University?

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images/Maddie Meyer, YouTube/asianwack

'Fear, intimidation and physical violence to gain notoriety among the Asian community'

Democrat: Hillary Clinton Is Willing To Testify About Benghazi

Politics | Chuck Ross
Photo Credit: Reuters

'She said 'I'll do it,' period'

Why Did This Benghazi Witness Keep Evading A Congressman's Questions?

Politics | Alex Pappas
Joel Rubin testifies on Benghazi. (CSPAN screenshot).

'You can't give a straight answer'

Steam Filled Room: An Ecig With More Than Meets The Eye

Tech | Grae Stafford
V2 Pro Series 3 - Ecig -Grae Stafford-Dailycaller

V2 Pro Series 3 Review

Check Out The BEST Moments From The Circus That Is Super Bowl Media Day

Sports | Christian Datoc

'I'm here so I don't get fined.'

Florida Unions Still Don't Like School Choice, But EVERYONE ELSE Does

Education | Nick Givas
Florida Governor Scott debates challenger, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, in Davie

'The state is considered a school choice pioneer'

NUGENT: HBO Host Bryant Gumbel Doesn't Get Guns, Calls The NRA 'Pigs'

Opinion | Ted Nugent
Bryant Gumbel

'America doesn't have a gun problem. What America has is a disintegrating family problem.'

In India Speech, Obama Addresses The Claim That He's Muslim

Video | Chuck Ross

'But there have been times where my faith's been questioned'

Did Nude Photos Of Taylor Swift Just Get Released In This Twitter Hack?

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: Reuters)

'Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack...'

Krauthammer: Refusing To Recognize Radical Islam Could Cost US 'The D**n War'

Politics | Al Weaver

Conservative columnist takes John Kerry to task

No Thanks, Come Again: India REJECTS Obama's Climate Deal

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
U.S. President Obama and India's PM Modi wave towards the media during a photo opportunity ahead of their meeting at Hyderabad House in New Delhi

'Having a peaking year was not acceptable to us'

Future University Of Tennessee Player Trolls Auburn Coaching Staff

Sports | Christian Datoc

This kid is definitely going places

Cops Stealing Your Stuff? Rand Paul Is Your New Best Friend

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

'government agencies no longer profit from taking the property of U.S. citizens without due process'

Police Shoot Up Car Full Of Teenagers, Kill Girl

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
A police officer aims his weapon towards protesters during a march in Berkeley

'It's another life taken by another cop'

Unions Ignore Veteran Deaths, Condemn VA Reform

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
The exterior of the Veterans Affairs Hospital is seen November 10, 2003 in New York City. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Union warns new VA bill could worsen agency problems

Barack Hussein Obama Rigs Ticking Deficit Time Bomb

Opinion | W. James Antle III
U.S. President Barack Obama departs at the conclusion of his end of the year press conference in the briefing room of the White House in Washington

She's gonna blow

Al-Qaida Reps 'Paris Raid' In Infographic-Heavy 'Quarterly Report'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
Infographic from a quarterly report published online by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula on January 24, 2015

Someone's been leaning on their graphics department.

Scholars Shred Federal Labor Board For Staffing 'Exclusively' From Unions

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf

They think 'its very dangerous'

Deflate-Gate: Tom Brady Accused Of White Privilege

Sports | Patrick Howley
NFL: NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots Press Conference

'He seems most responsible for these balls being deflated, which gives people a competitive edge'

This Is What Tesla's 'INSANE' Button Does

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'I think I s*** in your seat'

Miss California Loses Her Top During Bikini Competition

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Yes, she flashed them

Al Jazeera America Bans The Words 'Terrorist,' 'Islamist' And 'Jihad'

US | Alex Griswold
File photo of the logo of Qatar-based Al Jazeera satellite news channel in Doha

Obama would approve

Teacher Pensions Are Sinking Faster Than The Titanic

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Half a trillion owed, and not a penny in sight

TAX REBELLION: Obama Abandons Plan To Tax Americans' College Savings

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Barack Obama surprised. Getty Images.

Top Dems warned it was political poison

NC Conservatives 'Prepared To Punish' Republicans Who Back Governor's Proposal

Business | Peter Fricke

GOP moderates draw fire for willingness to drift.

Loretta Lynch Goes Way Back With Eric Holder's Wife

Politics | Patrick Howley
U.S. Attorney General nominee Lynch delivers remarks at the White House in Washington

Nominee has deep ties to Holder family

Watch These People's First Reactions To Virtual Reality Porn

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'I'm kinda terrified that might eliminate the need for human interaction altogether'

CNN Pops Champagne, Celebrates Most Improved Award Over January Ratings As FNC Remains On Top

US | Al Weaver


Facebook Takes Down Pages 'Offending' Islam In Turkey

World | PG Veer
Protesters from the Islamic Action Front and others hold a banner in support of the Prophet Mohammad, during a protest against satirical French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in Amman

No more 'Je Suis Charlie'

Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Keeps Loaded Guns In Every Room Of His House

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
dan bilzerian

'Good thing I'm rich'

NBA Star Completely BLOWS Wide-Open Layup

Sports | Scott Cook

NBA or backyard basketball?

It's Been A While Since Brooklyn Decker Was Seen In A Bikini

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

But that wrong has been righted

Doctors Pull The Plug, Strike Over Contracts

Business | Connor D. Wolf
An entrance sign to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is seen in Dallas

And they say it's not about wages

SHOCKER: Banks Care More About Money Than Consumer Safety

Business | Peter Fricke
A consumer holds her credit cards in Washington

'One area of security that needs immediate attention is payment card technology'

Budget Office Director Predicts Doom And Gloom For US Debt, 'A Fiscal Crisis'

US | Al Weaver

It's not slowing down

High-Speed Traffic Cameras Tracking Where You Go

Tech | Robert Pursell
Tracking License Plates.JPEG

Privacy concerns being raised with massive license plate registries

Patriots Cornerback Tells Teammates To Target Injured Seattle Players

Opinion | Christian Datoc
Brandon Browner plays tough (photo: Reuters Pictures)

Seahawks somehow OK with their former teammate's comments

'Snowmageddon' Brought A YETI To Boston

US | Giuseppe Macri

The truth is out there

Watch This Crazy Time-Lapse Video Of 'Snowmageddon' Hitting Boston

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Up to 30 inches of snowfall blankets New England

ICE TO SEA YOU: Obama Unilaterally Keeps Arctic Seas Off Limits To Drilling

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Polar Star, the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, completes ice drills in the Arctic

'This administration is determined to shut down oil and gas production in Alaska's federal areas'

Smugglers Using Drones To Fly Drugs Across Mexican Border

Tech | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Drones are just one of many new ways smugglers export drugs

Mormons Support Compromise Between Religious Liberty And LGBT Anti-Discrimination

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
The LDS Church's Mormon Temple

'Fairness for all'

Video Records Moment Two Cops Are Shot After Being Sworn In

US | Chuck Ross

'Get down'

Nancy Pelosi Is Mitt Romney's Number 1 Fan

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers questions during her weekly press conference on November 13, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Getty Images/Win McNamee)

'I hope he's their nominee'

Kevin Costner Defends Snipers: 'They Do It The Best They can'

Entertainment | Alex Griswold
Theater-Bull Durham.JPEG

'He would have trouble saying that to a roomful of men...'

Obama's Top Election Aide Now Working To Defeat Netanyahu

Politics | Neil Munro
WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 01: U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) in the Oval Office of the White House October 1, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Team Bam works to unseat BiBi

Indian Students Obliterated By Train While Snapping Selfie

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

'Daredevil selfie' was intended for social media

Gay Lawmaker Threatens To Out Gays, Extramarital Affairs

Politics | Nick Givas
A couple embraces on the Pennsylvania State Capital steps following a rally with gay rights supporters in Harrisburg

'I realize it is not a popular opinion'