Head Of Mark Zuckerberg's Pro-Amnesty Group Resigns

US | Scott Greer
Zuckerberg delivers remarks in an onstage interview for the Atlantic Magazine in Washington

'[A] change in leadership was necessary'

Retired Head Of Marines Slams Obama's ISIS Strategy

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks with Commandant of the Marine Corps General James T. Conway at the Marines Corps Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks in Washington

'I don't think the president's plan has a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding'

Celebrate Oktoberfest With Hot Women And Beer

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It just wouldn't be right if you didn't

Bret Baier Wonders If 'Five-Letter Network' Will Cover Christie Following Bridgegate Exoneration

Politics | Al Weaver

'There's also a five-letter network that might also cover Chris Christie...or not'


Photo of Larry Kudlow

The Return Of King Dollar

Senior Contributor, CNBC
Sign of a stronger America?
Photo of Erik Telford

Internet Slowdown Over Title II: The Story That The Media Missed About Google

Vice President, Franklin Center
Not as bullish on broadband-as-public-utility as some would lead you to believe.
Photo of Keith Naughton

What Elizabeth Warren Got Right About Student Loans

Public Affairs Consultant
Any meaningful fix to a broken system will have to involve rebalancing risk
Photo of Robert G. Kaufman

The Gathering Danger Of Iran Is Greater Than ISIS.

Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
A nuclear-armed revolutionary state is a bigger threat than a gang of savages in the desert.
Photo of Zack Christenson

Can The DOJ Seize Emails From American Companies Stored Anywhere On Earth?

Research Fellow, American Consumer Institute
If so, it would have major ramifications for their ability to do business.

Hester Breaks Record In Primetime Performance

Sports | Christian Datoc
Devin Hester

Hester, Falcons blow out Tampa Bay on Thursday Night Football

The Full Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea 'Booty' Video Is FINALLY Here

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It really delivers

Mayor Rahm Quashes Plan To Name $60 Million High School After Obama

Education | Eric Owens
Obama AFP/Getty Images

'We will look for other possible names for this future school'

NY Dem: 'All My Heroes Were America's Enemies'

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Getty Images)

Hopes to host Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe in Albany

Joan Rivers Rises From The Grave To Promote iPhone 6

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Joan Rivers & Melissa Rivers On Location For "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best"

'This badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6'

Rand Paul Implores Senate: Don't Arm 'Feckless Rebels In Syria'

Politics | Alex Pappas
Rand Paul

'intervention that destabilizes the Middle East is a mistake'

Study: Obamacare 'Family Glitch' Could Hit Up To 2 Million People

US | Sarah Hurtubise

Experts expect it'll get worse

Report: Feds Find No Evidence Of Christie Involvement In Bridgegate

Politics | Alex Pappas
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks at the second day of the 5th annual Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" Policy Conference in Washington

'Comes as no shock to me'

Poll: Conservatives Want To Teach Their Children Religion, Liberals Don't Care To

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Pope Francis waves as he arrives to visit a cathedral in Cassano allo Jonio, southern Italy

Only 11 percent of liberals think teaching religion is the most important

Florida Felon Murders Daughter, 6 Grandchildren

US | Christian Datoc
Don Spirit, arrested in 2003

Gunman killed himself when police arrived

OFA Is Having A Sale: Obama Propaganda Up To 40% Off!*

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter
A donkey foal named Demo by its owner, Silvio Carrasquilla, stands dressed as the mascot of the U.S. Democratic Party in Turbaco

Everything is on sale for 'up to 40% off,' as the OFA email says

Mark Steyn: Obama Has 'No Interest In Driving A Stake' Through ISIS

Politics | Al Weaver

Obama more worried about winning in November than vs. ISIS, says conservative commentator

Mark Levin: 'You Actually Have A Revolt Going On With The Top Generals And Obama'

Politics | Al Weaver

Obama 'has no intention of defeating' ISIS

How Big Of A D**k Is J-Prof Jay Rosen?

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Let's just say too big to measure

Apple's 'Warrant Canary' Absent From Latest Transparency Report, Hints At New PATRIOT Act Demands

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
People wait for the release of Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in front of the Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district

Company's canary in the data mine just died

A New Look For TheDC

US | The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller Homepage

We hope you like it

Happy Constitution Day! Ninth Circuit Affirms That It's Illegal To Wear American Flag Shirts On Cinco De Mayo

Education | Eric Owens
Aztlan map YouTube screenshot/peckerwood428's channel, YouTube screenshot

Some Mexicans might be offended, see

Sessions Defends Americans Who Demand Immigration Enforcement

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

'They want you to believe your concerns are somehow illegitimate'

'AIG Sponsors Jihad TV' Banner To Fly Over NFL Game

US | Evan Gahr

'I have to question their patriotism'

'Beer Responsible Day' Commercial Stars Man's Best Friend

US | Katie Frates

'For some, the waiting never ended'

Greg Gutfeld Rips Liberals For Hypocrisy, Praises 'Exploding' North Dakota Fracking Success

US | Al Weaver

'Reminder that when government gets out of the way, good things happen'

Air Force Strikes 'So Help Me God' From Oath Requirement For Airmen

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell

Who says there are no atheists in foxholes?

Obama Anti-Rape Effort Recruits For Progressive Organization

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
U.S. President Barack Obama stands next to Vice President Joseph Biden while speaking about the enrolment numbers of the Affordable Care Act at the White House in Washington

'It's On Us' funnels user info to the Center for American Progress

America's Most Popular Pastor Doesn't Know The Bible

US | Tristyn Bloom

Joel Osteen might want to go back to Sunday school

Duck Dynasty Star: 'We Are Swimming In A Cesspool Of Politically Correct Crap'

Politics | Al Weaver

'America is sick'

'Don't Take Me To An Elevator!' Roger Goodell Presser Interrupted By Howard Stern Writer

Sports | Al Weaver

Bad day for Roger Goodell, huh?

Guinea Villagers Murder Eight Ebola Aid Workers With Machetes, Clubs

World | Sarah Hurtubise
Video grab of health workers surrounding an Ebola patient who escaped from quarantine from Monrovia's Elwa hospital, in the centre of Paynesville

The team included health workers, local officials and journalists

Bill Clinton Takes Subtle Jab At Obama's Economy On 'Daily Show'

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

He went there

Watch This Guy Get The Store's First iPhone 6 And Immediately Drop It On The Ground

Tech | Giuseppe Macri


Sessions Forces Five Democratic Senators To Vote Against Obama Amnesty

Politics | Neil Munro

Harry Reid wins the vote, but not before Republicans peel off vulnerable Democrats

Auditors Bash Homeland Security For New Headquarters At Former Insane Asylum

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees work inside the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center in Arlington

'We need to fix this'

Ole! Louisiana Will Offer Common Core ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS Test In SPANISH

Education | Eric Owens
A sign written in Spanish displays the word for "bookcase" inside the Heath home in West Liberty


Discovery's 'Rival Survival' Is No Brainer PR Move

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

When you think you could die, friendship is inevitable

Colorado's New Marijuana Message: Don't Be A Maureen Dowd

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell

Educational campaign inspired by NYT columnists's pot freak out

Conan Wants To Erase More Of U2 Than Just Their New Album...

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

'But seriously... F. U. It was a free album -- get over it'

Check Out The Insane Lines For iPhone 6 Around The World

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Customers stand in a line on the first day of sale for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, outside the Apple store in Hong Kong

We hope you brought a book

Unethical President Of Unethical Organization FIFA Thinks FIFA Is Super Ethical

Sports | Seth Richardson
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Stay classy, soccer.

Why The 1960s May Be To Blame For Our Immigration Crisis

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
William Bello listens to speakers at a vigil in support of undocumented immigrant families in Murrieta, California

Heritage Foundation senior fellow explains

World Is Safe From Happy Iranians ... At Least For Now

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter
Pharrell Williams performs at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio

No more dancing to Pharrell's 'Happy'

Before You Skimp On That iPhone 6 Case, You Better Watch This Drop Test

Tech | Giuseppe Macri


Megyn Kelly Rips Bill Ayers' 'Cyborg' Comparison

US | Al Weaver
Megyn Kelly Takes Down Fluke, Sebellius And The War Against The Religious Right

'Only when I'm looking @a man who bombed the USA & home of a little boy, Bill!'

Shepard Smith vs. Josh Earnest: Fox Host GOES OFF, Calls Arab Coalition 'A Fantasy'

Video | Al Weaver

'There will be no commitment from [Saudi Arabia and Jordan]. I will bet every penny I will ever make at this network'

Should Republicans Make The Election A Referendum On Amnesty?

Politics | Mickey Kaus
Sen. Mary Landrieu speaks to reporters after the Democratic weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill

Short answer: yes!

Kate Upton Is Good In Bed

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

This shouldn't surprise you

Tree Huggers Find Exciting New Thing To Protest: A Canadian Doughnut Company

US | Eric Owens
Bloomberg via Getty Images/Brent Lewin, Getty Images

They previously wore tiger suits outside Krispy Kreme

Ron Washington Is The Most Swinginest, Blow-Doingest Guy In Baseball

Sports | Seth Richardson
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Scarface, basically.

Is The Republican Surge In The Colorado Senate Race A Fluke?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell
Rep. Cory Gardner reacts after picking number one in office lottery for new House members in Washington

'Do we think this is an aberration? No'

Happy Birthday: The Keystone XL Pipeline Battle Turns Six

Business | Michael Bastasch
File photo shows demonstrators protesting against Keystone XL oil pipeline in San Francisco

'There is no dispute over whether this project is in the national interest'