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But still panic, of course
'Um . . . uh . . . to act, uh . . . to cross the border in an unauthorized way."
Former Republican Sen. Scott Brown, appears at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua
Scott Brown campaign fundraising off poll
Samsung Galaxy Features Arrivals at the Official Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After Party
We aren't complaining
Photo of John Lott
President, Crime Prevention Research Center
The question is whether we want to protect black victims or black criminals.
Photo of W. James Antle III
Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation
They're both real problems
Photo of Lewis Brown
Minister for Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism, Liberia
It's not true that the government has limited press coverage of the outbreak.
Photo of Steve Pociask
President, American Consumer Institute
Ticket sellers are doing what they can to make paperless, and competition-free sales the norm.
Photo of Christopher Bedford
Managing Editor
No justice, no peace
Photo of Corie Whalen
Spokesperson, Generation Opportunity
Progressives and conservatives should both support ending the Ex-Im Bank, so why is Elizabeth Warren for it?
Photo of Ann Coulter
Political Commentator
'Stirring up racial hatred is how journalists make up for sending their own kids to lily-white private schools.'
Photo of Bob Bowdon
Executive Director, Choice Media
Teacher-tenure fights pit old guard union members against newer, often better, teachers.
Photo of Brian Joondeph
Retina Surgeon
There are times when pistols and squad cars don't cut it.
Photo of Gregory Conley
President, American Vaping Association
'The main reason the U.K. ex-smokers gave for using e-cigarettes was to quit or to avoid tobacco products.'


(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)
Won't be raising the flag of Allah anywhere anytime soon
House Republican Conference
'Leaks of this magnitude are unacceptable'
No justice, no peace
For a class assignment
Sea Lion Attack Mark Kelly.JPEG
Dumping water on your head is important to gun banners
They fear the passage of right-to-work legislation
File photo of Rosa Martinez and her daughter Katherine exiting the U.S. Federal Building following an immigration hearing in Manhattan
10,000 more migrant children would cost the state $50 million
U.S. President Obama delivers a statement on the situation in Iraq from his vacation home at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
And cutting full-time jobs
A chinook salmon along with a school of shad pass through the viewing room at McNary Lock and Dam on the Columbia River, June 7, 2005 near Umatilla, Oregon. (Photo: Jeff T. Green/Getty Images)
'It's not our fault they have orchards to water in the desert'
'we're talking about something important here'
(Photo: YouTube)
Seriously, it's adorable
Add her to the list of celebrities who don't own clothes
Critics say if it passes it will 'absolutely raise food prices'
'It contributes to law enforcement, not intelligence against terror. That's the whole point'
'You could tell it shouldn't take that much groping'
'F**k the bucket of ice, man'
(Photo: Facebook/Rho David Chalmers)
'For me, it's not a political decision'
Tough stance contrasts with Sen. Rand Paul's equivocation
John Boehner Holds Press Briefing At the Capitol
GAO says Obama administration broke the law
Demonstrators shout "Hands up, don't shoot," while protesting the killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri
They're both real problems
"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala -  Outside Arrivals
Which makes them surf-boring
'The female body is a beautiful thing'
Campbellsville University holds prayer vigil Thursday night
Mitt Romney Speaks On Supreme Court Decision On Affordable Care Act
While wearing a suit, too
A couple dozen in Chicago; '15 strong in Spokane at the moment!'
How has this not happened already?
Innovative new policy ensures that 'Mills shall not discriminate' except sometimes
'We can't do anything in the time we have'
Demonstrators face off with police after tear gas was fired at protesters reacting to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri
He needs good ratings among Democrats to help keep the Senate in November
Wikipedia homepage screenshot
The Huffington Post assures America that there's no need to be concerned
You'll never swim again
Deporting them is too expensive, anyway
The s**t hits the fan
'They are negotiating with Spock with a pitching wedge'
Immigration reform 'isn't about politics at all'
Congress needed a heads up, report says
'These people are our geopolitical enemies'
Remember when there was a petition to deport him?
Thanks, Obamacare
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry delivers opening remarks at the "Our Ocean" conference at the State Department in Washington
'Concerns about preference and favoritism always arise'
Chuck Hagel
'They marry an ideology with a sophistication of strategy and military prowess'
Goodbye ice bucket challenge
Protest in Ferguson over Michael Brown's death
'We should all be ashamed'
We sure are happy this blonde bombshell was born