Here’s The One Thing T.J. Oshie Plans To Do With The Stanley Cup [VIDEO]

T.J. Oshie recently revealed his plans for the Stanley Cup, and it’s pretty awesome.

“I’ve got to have a bowl of cereal out of it. I don’t know if it’s disrespectful or not. I’m a big cereal eater … I’ll go Peanut Butter Crunch,” Oshie told Erin Hawksworth of ABC 7 News.

I love this answer. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this answer. Spending time with the Cup is one of the coolest traditions in sports. Some players fly to their home countries, some have parades, some booze out of it, some sleep in bed with it but Oshie is keeping it simple. (SLIDESHOWHOCKEY RINKS MIGHT BE COLD, BUT THESE WOMEN ARE SCORCHING HOT)

How can you not love T.J. Oshie? The man is just so cool with every single thing he does. He has the coolest trophy in all of sports, and he just plans on eating cereal out of it. That’s a guy that I want to hang out with every day of the week.

The hockey world really doesn’t deserve a guy as cool as Oshie. He beat the Russians, won the Stanley Cup and plans on celebrating by simply eating cereal. That’s a guy that’s about as cool and collected that you’ll ever find.

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