Author: Open Borders Policies Reveal Obama More Interested In Power Than Protecting Americans

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ginni Thomas

'They are all about advancing their agenda and amassing political power at the expense of our welfare'

Fiorina Criticizes Liberals Who Use Planned Parenthood Shooting To Demonize Pro-Lifers

Elections | Derek Draplin

'Typical of the Left to immediately begin demonizing the messenger because they don't agree with the message'

WATCH: ISIS Fighter Sobs After Being Captured In Iraq

Video | Derek Draplin

Terrorist cries like a baby

From The Archives: That Amazing Time Kate Upton Taught Us How To Dougie

Entertainment | Eric Owens

'Wait for it...'

SHOCKER: You Won't Believe Who's Watching You Online

Featured Partner | TrackOFF

Value your privacy rights? Learn how to fight back.

Carson: I Talked To Syrian Refugees And They Want To Go Back To Syria

Elections | Steve Guest

America should support the refugee camps in Jordan


Photo of Robert P. Murphy
Research Fellow, Independent Institute
In this environment we can expect health insurance companies to do whatever they can to save money.
Photo of John Lott
President, Crime Prevention Research Center
Even if we put people on a list and prohibited them from legally purchasing guns, it’s not really that hard to get a gun.
Photo of Brian McNicoll
It’s not about meeting the needs of small-dollar banking customers anyway.
Photo of Joseph Perrone
Chief Science Officer, Center for Accountability in Science
Put simply, any turkey you buy should be considered antibiotic-free.
Photo of Whitt Flora
'An attack on the free enterprise system.'
Photo of T. Mark McCurley
Former Drone Pilot
Until we understand the enemy and what they believe, we can’t further a cogent strategy.
Photo of Aron White
War should be waged not to achieve what is glorious, but to protect what is glorious
Photo of Seton Motley
President, Less Government
We can get by without the latest Samsung Galaxy, but we can’t get too far if our tables start emptying.
Photo of Stewart Lawrence
Leave it to the mainstream media to predict the end of Donald Trump’s candidacy just when he's surging in the polls again.
Photo of Michael C. Kerrigan
Our economy is so strong, our land so bountiful, that there’s a home even for crazy products like these ones.