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Neil Munro
White House Correspondent

Ebola Flies Into Dallas

5:21 PM 09/30/2014

An Ebola victim has flown in from Liberia and has now been placed in an isolation ward at a Dallas hospital.

40,000 Obama Migrants Evade Immigration Law

4:49 PM 09/25/2014

More than 40,000 unskilled Central American migrants who were allowed to cross the border by President Barack Obama’s deputies have refused to appear for scheduled meetings with immigration officials.

Obama Criticizes Muslim Wars As ‘Madness’

12:33 PM 09/24/2014

President Barack Obama Wednesday used a speech at the United Nations to suggest that the Islamic religion is causing the wars in the Arab world, marking what could be a radical departure from his practice of patronizing Muslims with multicultural platitudes.

Obama Uses Coffee Cup To Salute Marines

2:13 PM 09/23/2014

President Barack Obama returned a formal military salute with a one-handed coffee-cup salute Tuesday, only a few hours after he dispatched the nation’s military on their attack mission into northern Syria.

US Hits ISIS, Al-Qaida In Syria

9:40 AM 09/23/2014

The United States air attack on Islamist groups in northern Syria used roughly 150 missiles and bombs to target a variety of jihadi sites used for weapons storage, training and command.