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Trump’s Key To Victory: Math

With the California primary fast approaching, the media are rolling out their favorite fairy tale about how Republican Pete Wilson's support for Proposition 187 in 1994 was a historic, game-changing error for the GOP, driving Hispanics from the party for good! Both CNN and MSNBC retold this completely bogus narrative this week. NPR rolls it out once every two weeks.

Fantasy Baseball, Beltway Style

9:10 PM 05/25/2016

In a campaign season with lots of surprises, how's this for a wild prediction? It would never happen, of course, but pull up a chair and indulge me.

Trump’s Problem With Women

5:20 PM 05/18/2016

The New York Times' front-page article last Saturday on Donald J. Trump's dealings with women forced me into a weekend of self-examination. As much as I support Trump, this isn't a cult of personality. He's not Mao, Kim Jong-un or L. Ron Hubbard. We can like our candidates, but still acknowledge their flaws. No one's perfect.

And Then There Was The One

7:27 PM 05/04/2016

A guy just won the Republican nomination for president by spending no money, hiring no pollsters, running virtually no TV ads, and just saying what he truly believed no matter how many times people told him he couldn't say that.

New York Commemorates Patriots Day

6:47 PM 04/20/2016

So that you won't be fooled by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow claiming Second Amendment supporters were celebrating the Oklahoma City bombing this week -- as she has on April 19 in years past -- Tuesday was the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord, a date all Americans used to know.

Ted Cruz: Tracy Flick With A D*ck

4:48 PM 04/13/2016

Before we begin, can we stop referring to Wisconsin as "Midwestern nice"? That's all we've heard since Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump there: Wisconsinites are just so nice, they couldn't abide Trump's rough style.

Moonies For Cruz!

5:43 PM 04/06/2016

Congratulations to Ted Cruz for winning his fourth primary! Usually Donald Trump wins the primaries -- where you go and vote, like in a real election. Cruz wins the caucuses -- run by the state parties, favored by political operators and cheaters.

It’s Only Trump

7:24 PM 03/30/2016

The only question for Republicans is: Which candidate can win states that Mitt Romney lost?

Voters Deliver A Subtle Message: Die, Donor Scum

6:35 PM 03/16/2016

To the extent it's still standing after yesterday, the Stop Trump movement is comforting itself with the world's biggest lie: that John Kasich is the embodiment of the Republican Party, while Donald Trump is the bastard stepchild.

GOP Baffled As Voters Rally To Popular Candidate

9:35 PM 02/17/2016

Donald Trump's latest bombshell, claiming the Bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction to get us into the Iraq War, is just him doing wheelies on the way to the nomination. He's apparently decided it would be fun to taunt the entire GOP by demonstrating that he can say anything and his voters won't care.

New Jersey Man Slays Child

6:03 PM 02/10/2016

There were a lot of long faces at Fox News Tuesday night, but there's a silver lining for Marco Rubio. Now he can go be a bartender like his dad! (Have you heard him tell the story about his father being a bartender? Rubio was his pop's best customer after the debate.)

Heroin: Blame It On America

6:55 PM 02/03/2016

Any politician who claims to care about the drug overdose deaths sweeping the nation, but does not demand that we build a wall, deport illegal aliens and end the anchor baby scam, is a liar.

I Was Hoping For A Taller Honest Man

6:57 PM 01/27/2016

Did you ever think you'd live to see anchor babies discussed on TV every night? H1-B visas replacing American workers? Illegal alien murderers? Mexican rapists?

Liberal And Conservative Media Unite Against Trump

7:01 PM 01/20/2016

We have never had total war against a candidate like we're seeing with Donald Trump. All elements of national media are uniting to stop him. Look for a fake Trump scandal to break -- probably from a conservative news outlet -- right before the Iowa caucus.