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Republicans boycott committee hearing on Obama EPA nominee

Politics | Anne Hobson
Democrats blast GOP 'obstructionism'

New Hostess owners try to shake anti-union image

US | Anne Hobson
Hostess announced on Monday that the company respects union rights

Mountain madness: Mt. Everest hosts highest altitude brawl ever

World | Anne Hobson
3 Europeans v. 100 Sherpas

Twinkies return

Business | Anne Hobson
New company and new owners to sell Hostess snack products

Poll of undocumented immigrants shows ties to people here legally

Politics | Anne Hobson
Well over 80 percent of undocumented immigrants directly related to a U.S. citizen

EPA nominee to face questions about air-conditioning refrigerant approval

Politics | Anne Hobson
Agency promoted substance known to cause engine fires

ADHD diagnoses on the rise, with many more likely to come

US | Anne Hobson
Doctors warn against making diagnosis 'in a slipshod fashion'

Jailed Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef posts bail

World | Anne Hobson
'The problem is the whole procedure'

North Korean missiles on standby, aimed at US targets

Politics | Anne Hobson
South Korean government officials warned of elevated troop and vehicle movement around North Korean missile sites

U.S. shale boom forces EU to rethink high-tax energy policy

Business | Anne Hobson

Poll: D.C. residents clueless about state of U.S. economy

Business | Anne Hobson
Outside Washington and the Bay Area, Americans are still pessimistic about the economy

Deadly coronavirus claims two more victims

Daily Caller News Foundation | Anne Hobson
The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that the new coronavirus in the Middle East killed two more people

Chess is mandatory in Armenian schools

Education | Anne Hobson
"We don't have to worry about money'

Global warming helpful to archaeologists

World | Anne Hobson
'It's worrying that glaciers are melting but it's exciting for us archeologists'

New map of the oldest light in the sky supports Big Bang model

Tech | Anne Hobson
Data suggest the universe came into existence 13.82 billion years ago

Ohio judge rules speed cameras a 'scam'

Tech | Anne Hobson
'The entire case against the motorist is stacked'

Global temperatures warmest in 4,000 years

World | Anne Hobson
Unprecedented speed of climate change 'worrisome'

Comcast 'a threat to the open Internet,' former Obama adviser argues

Politics | Anne Hobson
'Misses the mark'

Gun dealers report striking ammunition shortages

Guns and Gear | Anne Hobson
'This is a level never seen before'

Facebook tracks data from users who have logged out

Daily Caller News Foundation | Anne Hobson
Company insists the information is for security purposes

Water crisis in the Middle East reaches new depths

World | Anne Hobson
Satellites detected a loss of groundwater the size of the Dead Sea

Mali: Suicide bombing adds to fears of instability

World | Anne Hobson
French-led troops have driven Islamist militants from the main towns in Northern Mali

Japan: Russian fighter jets violated our airspace

World | Anne Hobson
A territorial dispute held up a treaty between the two nations post-WWII

Hispanics to outnumber whites in California

Politics | Anne Hobson
California will join New Mexico and Hawaii as the third state with a non-white majority

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