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Republicans boycott committee hearing on Obama EPA nominee

President Obama nominated MIT scientist Ernest Moniz and Gina McCarthy as his picks to lead the Department of Energy and EPA, respectively. Getty Images.

The eight Republicans on the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee declined to attend a vote on the nomination of Gina McCarthy to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

New Hostess owners try to shake anti-union image

7:38 PM 04/29/2013

In a statement released on Monday, confection company Hostess tried to combat the perception that it is anti-union, just days after the CEO of Hostess Brands told the Wall Street Journal that he does "not expect to be involved in the union going forward."

Mountain madness: Mt. Everest hosts highest altitude brawl ever

3:23 PM 04/29/2013

Three European mountaineers say that a mob of 100 Sherpa guides kicked and punched them on Mount Everest in the highest altitude brawl ever reported. In a statement released Monday, Nepalese officials promised to ensure the safety of climbers.

Twinkies return

4:53 PM 04/24/2013
New company and new owners to sell Hostess snack products

Poll of undocumented immigrants shows ties to people here legally

2:26 AM 04/16/2013

Most undocumented Latino immigrants have a family member who is a U.S. citizen, according to a poll released Monday by Latino Decisions. This survey comes at a time when immigration is at the forefront of the national debate.

EPA nominee to face questions about air-conditioning refrigerant approval

10:44 AM 04/11/2013

Environmental Protection Agency administrator nominee Gina McCarthy will likely face tough questions today about her responsibility for the EPA's promotion of an automotive air conditioning refrigerant known to cause engine fires in Mercedes-Benz tests, according to the Daily Mail. A hearing on McCarthy's nomination is set for Thursday.

ADHD diagnoses on the rise

3:30 AM 04/02/2013

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that 11 percent of American school-age children have received a medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), prompting concerns among doctors that the condition is being over-diagnosed, The New York Times reports.

Jailed Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef posts bail

5:51 PM 04/01/2013

Popular television satirist Bassem Youssef, who stands accused in Egypt of defaming Islam and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, posted bail on Sunday, but still faces jail time and a possible fine.

North Korean missiles on standby, aimed at US targets

3:51 PM 03/29/2013

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered rocket units to go on standby for an attack on American bases on Friday. The order came in response to U.S. stealth bomber flights over the Korean peninsula, BBC News reports.

U.S. shale boom forces EU to rethink high-tax energy policy

3:26 PM 03/29/2013

Europe's commissioner for energy this week urged the continent to avoid new energy taxes or tax increases, reflecting that competition from cheap U.S.-produced shale gas is making energy more affordable in international markets.

Poll: D.C. residents clueless about state of U.S. economy

2:19 PM 03/28/2013

Among the 50 largest metropolitan areas in 2012, the Washington, D.C. metro area had the highest economic confidence index score for the second year in a row. The D.C. metro area reported an index score of 5 in 2012, up from -20 in 2011, according to Gallup.

Deadly coronavirus claims two more victims

1:41 PM 03/28/2013

The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that the new coronavirus in the Middle East killed two more people, the South China Morning Post reports.

Chess is mandatory in Armenian schools

1:43 AM 03/26/2013

The Armenian government has spent more than $3 million on the chess education project to supply chess equipment and train chess players to become teachers, Al Jazeera reports.

Global warming helpful to archaeologists

12:51 PM 03/22/2013

Archaeologists working on glaciers in Southern Norway said on Thursday that global warming provides an exciting opportunity for archaeological discoveries. In 2011, archaeologists found a pre-Viking tunic. According to Reuters, Carbon dating revealed that the tunic was made around 300 AD.

New map of the oldest light in the sky supports Big Bang model

5:56 PM 03/21/2013

The European Space Agency has released a map of the oldest light ever detected in the cosmos, confirming the Big Bang model of the origin of the universe but raising new questions in the process, the BBC reports.

Ohio judge rules speed cameras a ‘scam’

4:26 PM 03/11/2013

A Hamilton County, Ohio judge condemned an ordinance that would allow Elmwood Place, a suburb of Cincinnati, to install speed cameras.  The judge characterized the the speed cameras as unfair, invalid and unenforceable, according to USA Today.

Global temperatures warmest in 4,000 years

3:16 PM 03/08/2013

Scientists announced Thursday that current global temperatures are warmer than any time in the last 4,000 years. New research also suggests that temperatures will likely surpass levels unseen since before the first ice age, the New York Times reports.

Comcast ‘a threat to the open Internet,’ former Obama adviser argues

5:38 PM 02/25/2013

A former adviser to President Barack Obama criticized Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal as evidence of consumer-hostile business practices in the communications industry, Ars Technica reports. Susan Crawford, a visiting professor at Harvard, served as Obama's special assistant for science, technology and innovation policy.

Gun dealers report striking ammunition shortages

7:07 PM 02/18/2013

Gun owners are stockpiling ammunition in the midst of the ongoing national dialogue about gun-control legislation.