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      Andrew Keller

      Andrew Keller is an American lawyer working in Seoul for the Korean law firm of Shin & Kim. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and a Chicago White Sox fan.

Most Other Countries Don’t Have Birthright Citizenship, Because It’s Easily Abused

Cho Hyun-ah, also known as Heather Cho, daughter of chairman of Korean Air Lines, Cho Yang-ho, arrives to attend a hearing for reviewing the prosecution's detention warrant request against her, at the Seoul Western District court in Seoul December 30, 2014. REUTERS/Han Jong-chan/Yonhap

In December 2014, Korean Air executive Heather Cho ordered an aircraft back to the gate when a flight attendant served her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a plate. Cho, the daughter of Korean Air’s chairman, allegedly acted with imperial arrogance, belittling the flight attendant, threatening other Korean Air employees, and violating air safety rules by treating the aircraft as her personal property. The incident stirred outrage in Korea over the attitudes of the privileged elite, and garnered international attention. The press deemed it “nut rage."

Are the US and South Korea too quick to appease North Korea?

9:43 PM 04/29/2013

Two and a half years ago, South Korean and American forces were conducting live-fire drills in the sea west of Korea near the island of Yeonpyeong when a cable from North Korea arrived asking if the drills were an attack. South Korean and American forces proceeded with the drills, firing south into the sea, away from North Korea. The North attacked, shelling Yeonpyeong and killing four South Koreans, including two civilians. The South returned fire and scrambled fighter jets. It seemed the peninsula was on the brink of war.