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Alan Keyes
Former Assistant Secretary of State
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      Alan Keyes

      For a long while Alan Keyes has been involved in government, politics and citizen activism. He did service in government as a Foreign Service Officer, and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to be the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Economic and Social Council, and later served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. He has been involved in politics, twice as a candidate for the United States Senate, and also as a participant in the GOP primaries for President of the United States. He is Christian, Catholic, Pro-life and pro-liberty. He is sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and dedicated to preserving the the republican form of government it establishes. He upholds and seeks to reinvigorate the now beleaguered sovereignty of the American people, and to restore respect for the principles set forth in the American Declaration of Independence. In light of those principles, he believes that the top priority of our political life is to restore respect for the existence and authority of the Creator, God and on the basis of that respect rebuild the moral conscience and character without which the American people cannot hope to preserve their liberty.

Socialism: Where’s The Christian Love?

A painted part of an Orthodox Church dome depicting Christ, which was recovered by Cyprus after being stolen in the aftermath of Turkey's invasion in 1974, is seen in a Cypriot museum in Nicosia,  Cyprus May 19, 2017. REUTERS/Yiannis Kourtoglou

I would see you unwearied in activity, aglow with the Spirit, waiting like slaves upon the Lord; buoyed up by hope, patient in affliction, persevering in prayer; providing generously for the needs of the saints, striving to show friendliness to strangers.  Bestow a blessing on those who persecute you; a blessing not a curse…. Repay no one evil for evil, having in mind what is noble in the sight of all humanity; if it is in your power, be at peace with all people; do not avenge yourselves, brethren, rather give wrath the place for which it is written: “Retribution is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”  But if it be that your enemy hungers, feed him.  If he thirsts, give him drink.  For by doing this, you will heap fire upon his head.  Do not let evil win over you; but with good win over evil. (Romans 11-14, 17-21)

Hodgkinson’s Attack And The Aim Of Contentious Disunion

3:56 PM 06/21/2017

James Hodgkinson’s murderous attack on members of Congress last week makes it impossible to deny what has, in other respects, been apparent for some time: that a pall of vengeful violence hangs over the political union of the people of the United States.  Who is responsible?  GOP partisans quite understandably point to the demonstratively violent tenor of the frenzied antagonism that has characterized organized opposition to Donald Trump since the moment it became clear he would be the GOP’s nominee for President.

What Is Really The Goal Of Socialist Health Care?

5:48 PM 06/14/2017

Though it is altogether forgotten these days, the health insurance concept was originally intended to help working people (by which I mean all those who depend on income derived from their own personal labor, rather than their wealth, however invested) aggregate resources, so that, by spreading the cost of occasional health emergencies over a large enough pool of relatively small contributions, it would be more than adequate to help individuals cope with health crises without having to disgorge all their savings and/or destroy their livelihood.  This is an assurance the wealthy can enjoy as a matter of course, provided they do not spend their substance on carnal dissipation, fruitless or physically injurious luxuries, or inordinate ambitious undertakings.

Since When Is Doubt A Hallmark Of Fanaticism?

4:14 PM 05/24/2017

“Pope slams conservative ‘fanatics’ who make doctrine an ‘ideology.’” When I saw this headline recently, I found myself wondering what Pope Francis meant to convey by the word “fanatic.”  The Latin roots of the word referred to people caught up in a frenzy of religious fervor while worshipping in the temple of their god.   That meaning still has something to do with the curtailed version of the word “fan”, as it brings to mind enraptured teenagers at a concert for their favorite pop idol: moving to the beat of the music, and mouthing lyrics as religiously as ancient worshippers sung the canticles of praise to their idols.  Of course, this week it also brings to mind religious enthusiasts of a different sort, like the jihadist suicide bomber who murdered just such concert goers after pop idol Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

The House Needs A Permanent Committee On Impeachments

6:14 PM 05/17/2017

Yesterday I published an article that focused, among other things, on the significance of the fact that, according to Article V of the U.S. Constitution, it takes fewer states (a lower supermajority) to propose changes in the U.S. Constitution than it does actually to change it.  More often than not people note the difference without bothering to think about what it means. Simply put, it suggests an intent to make it easier to propose Constitutional changes than to make them.  Obviously, so-called “originalists” (people who profess to interpret the Constitution’s provisions in light of their original purpose or intent) should take this difference seriously.

What Is The Capital Deficiency In Our Account Of Right?

10:37 AM 05/04/2017

This week I read a Walter Williams column in which he questions the assumption that it’s necessarily a bad thing for the United States to spend more buying imported goods and services from any given this country than we make from exporting goods and services to that country.  This is called a  “current account deficit,” and as Professor Williams points out, China is a well-known case in point. He goes on to explain that focusing exclusively on this account can be misleading, because it doesn’t reflect money the United States receives from “direct foreign investment, such as the purchase or construction of machinery, buildings or whole manufacturing plants” or “portfolio investment, such as purchases of stocks and bonds.”

Protecting Humanity Takes More Than Moral Indignation

5:28 PM 04/19/2017

This week I read a well-intentioned article in support of President Trump’s decision to launch a punitive missile attack against Syria for “using chemical weapons against his own people….”  Its author, Siena Hoefling, dismissed Senator Rand Paul’s complaint that the punitive attack was “an unconstitutional rush to war.”  She noted that “like his colleagues, the senator made no demand that the House of Representatives impeach the president because “A president who uses executive and military power in the name of innocent human life has a morally defensible cause.”

Is The Enemy Of Your Enemy Still Your Friend?

5:41 PM 04/12/2017

Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness.  When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual.  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Vol. 1, Chapter XII)

What Is The Aim Of Trump’s North Korea Challenge?

9:38 PM 04/05/2017

According to one recent report “a top U.S. official warned Tuesday that ‘the clock has run out’ on decades of diplomatic efforts to rein in North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs….”  He also reportedly said that “It is now urgent, because we feel that the clock is very, very quickly running out.”  That nuance of difference leaves a little running room for further diplomacy. But, as the report notes, the warning it conveys lines up with the fact that “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently said the threat that country [North Korea] poses is ‘imminent.’  During a trip to Asia he said Washington is out of ‘strategic patience’ and that ‘all options are on the table’—a phrase typically understood to refer to military action.”

How Did The Man Who Wrote The Book Fail To Make The Deal?

2:30 PM 03/30/2017

In the aftermath of the GOP’s failed attempt to overhaul Obamacare, it appears that the man who literally ‘wrote the book’ on deal-making failed to make a deal. The headline of one article I read portrayed it as “the biggest broken promise in political history.”  Be that as it may, the predictable spectacle of excuses and mutual recrimination is not lacking.  President Trump wagged his twitter finger at the Republican House Freedom Caucus.  He also struck an almost professorial pose, speaking like an academic observer—detached, above the fray:

Beyond Obamacare: Restore Free Enterprise

12:19 AM 03/16/2017

This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; … shall be the Supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. (U.S. Constitution Article VI)

Is Poisonous Factionalism Threatening Our National Security?

6:30 PM 03/08/2017

Government officials who work with highly classified materials are subject to serious punishment if, by intention or negligence, they reveal the information they have acquired in the course of their work, especially if and when it compromises the sensitive sources and methods used to acquire it.  I find myself thinking about the implications of this fact every time I read a news report dealing with U.S. government agencies entrusted with for developing such information for use by government decision makers responsible for national security affairs.

A Christlike Beginning?

5:52 PM 03/01/2017

People who take Christ seriously as their example for living doubtless look to him for guidance as they prepare themselves to meet the most important challenges of their lives.  At the beginning of some great endeavor they refresh their remembrance of how Christ behaved at the beginning of the work by which he fulfilled God’s will for the salvation of humanity.