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The Federal Reserve Bank’s lighter side — in comics [SLIDESHOW]

3:14 AM 05/07/2010

As the future of the Federal Reserve’s role in Americans' lives is vigorously debated around the country, The Daily Caller took a look at the lighter side of the feared institution. Few know that the Fed produces, in-house, about a dozen different comic books on financial topics — complete with itself cast as a superhero:

Unions march on Wall Street to protest bailout and demand financial regulatory reform

6:41 PM 04/29/2010

Union members are gathering on Wall Street Thursday to protest bank practices and push for specific reforms. The AFL-CIO, one of the largest labor unions in the country, expects 10,000 people to march through New York’s financial district calling for, among other things, a tax on trading. Union leaders say big banks owe taxpayers for the $700 billion bailout the firms received during the financial crisis.

Senator who invested in subprime stocks says subprime meltdown was obvious

12:15 PM 04/28/2010

Yesterday's Goldman Sachs hearing on capitol hill provided hours of highly-anticipated political theater.  Democratic Senator Ted Kaufman led the charge by loudly accusing Goldman executives of lying — he effectively says it was obvious that subprime loans wouldn’t perform, that they were full of fraud, and that Goldman was being underhanded in their dealings with clients. They must have known — because it was common sense that giving loans to people without verifying their income was a bad idea, right?

Obama administration hands down rule limiting contract bidding to union shops

3:28 AM 04/15/2010

It’s official — federal agencies can now require that contractors be unionized to bid on large federal construction projects. A ruling sent down by the White House on Tuesday finalized an Executive Order President Obama signed last year, which promotes the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on federal contracts. PLAs are pre-hire, collective-bargaining agreements with unions that establish terms of a large contract.

Obama insiders buzz over possible Value-Added Tax

11:36 AM 04/13/2010

The White House distanced itself from comments made last week by one of its top economic advisers in support of a new national consumption tax — yet others close to President Obama have similarly spoken in favor of a Value-Added Tax in recent months.

San Francisco: America’s most liberal county

3:23 AM 04/09/2010

After weeks of analyzing data on progressive values and counting down the top 100 liberal-friendly counties, The Daily Caller is proud to present its final result: shockingly, the city by the Bay is the most liberal place in America. In keeping with our tradition of reporting on what life is like in the most polarized places in the country (see: conservative Williams County — guitar-shaped pools and more churches that you could swing a dead cat at), we took at look at San Francisco. Click here to view the full list of the top 20 liberal counties and slideshow.