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Korwin: Media Needs A Reminder That Guns Save Lives

5:14 PM 10/13/2017

Although ethical journalism demands covering both sides of a story, when it comes to guns and the Constitution, today’s journalists abandon the rules and only cover the side they like—paradoxically, the part they hate. The dark side. They hate guns, gun owners, gun rights and it shows. It’s not good to hate.

Concealed Carry For Congress, But Not For You

2:21 PM 06/29/2017

In a “more guns” bill that alarmed even pro-gun-rights activists, representative Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has proposed arming federal legislators to the exclusion of regular citizens. An existing bill, HR 38, to make the firearm-carry permits of normal American citizens valid nationally, has languished in Congress since the election of Donald Trump.

KORWIN: The Good People Owning Guns Somehow Causes Crime Myth

12:01 PM 05/26/2016

Enormous self-evident facts have been lost in the national debate about disarming or subarming the American public. We now have about 100 million people armed, in something like 60 million armed American homes. Raise or lower those figures by some percentage if you are pro this or anti that (the Ph.D.’s do not agree precisely), but that’s the ballpark. It’s a lot, by any standard. The Worldwide Gun Owner’s Guide places us in the Top Ten of nations with armed publics (which is virtually all nations to some degree).

KORWIN: Police Would Never Confiscate Guns Myth

3:50 PM 04/12/2016

It never ceases to amaze how quickly police and their supporters insist they would never do anything that violated the Constitution or our rights. If push came to shove they would stand with the people, defy authoritarian rule, block any attempt to implement illegal orders, and be the force for good and justice we would all hope they would be. They would never summarily confiscate our guns, that’s for sure!

KORWIN: The Guns-Are-Dangerous Myth

4:21 PM 04/06/2016

“I wouldn’t want a gun in my house,” said the nervous frail suburban housewife, speaking to her daughter’s grade school teacher, who was nodding vigorous agreement. “It’s dangerous.”

KORWIN: The Loophole, Australia Model and Junk-Guns Myths

3:57 PM 03/28/2016

I want to finish describing the gun myths anti-rights advocates keep throwing at us, so we’re the fully informed electorate the Founding Fathers wanted. But there are so many! It seems the only thing the other side has are myths! If freedom is the gauge, every new (or old) gun proposal coming out of the left attacks a mythological problem.

Korwin: The Big Bad Gun Lobby & Gun Buy Back Myths

6:06 PM 02/19/2016

Like original sin, there is an original myth in the gun-rights struggle: progressives make progress. It’s counterintuitive, even defying the name they’ve chosen, but progressives interfere with progress, the opposite of the name they use.