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Darrell Issa, top Obama scandal cop, slams president for dismissing ‘phony scandals’

In this May 15, 2013 file photo, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. On Thursday, Issa led Republican condemnations of the White House for the labeling of House investigations as

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California berated the Obama administration Thursday for its repeated dismissals of congressional investigations into the IRS, the 2012 Benghazi embassy attacks, and the Department of Justice's Fast & Furious program as "phony scandals."

McAuliffe campaign email blasts Citizens United without refuting evidence

11:36 AM 08/01/2013

"Yes, THAT Citizens United."

MLB ‘prepared’ to ban Alex Rodriguez for life

11:07 PM 07/31/2013

Major League Baseball is "prepared" to hand down a lifetime ban to New York Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez, one of the sport's biggest stars, USA Today reports.

George Zimmerman pulled over in Texas for speeding

5:28 PM 07/31/2013

George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding outside of Dallas, Texas on Sunday, the local news site InForney reported Wednesday.

Senate continues aid to Egypt over Rand Paul’s objections

2:23 PM 07/31/2013

The Senate voted Wednesday to table Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul's amendment to the transportation and housing bill, which would have diverted aid to Egypt toward rebuilding America's infrastructure.

Bradley Manning found not guilty of aiding the enemy, guilty of almost everything else

2:55 PM 07/30/2013

Wikileaks leaker Pfc. Bradley Manning was acquitted of "aiding the enemy," the most serious charge against him, by a military judge on Tuesday. A conviction could have carried with it the sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Rand Paul on Christie’s attacks: ‘Not very smart’ [VIDEO]

1:57 PM 07/30/2013

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's criticisms of him "not very smart" during an appearance on Fox News' Hannity Monday night, adding that disrespect for the Bill of Rights is even more dangerous than the "strain of libertarianism" that Christie had criticized.

Citizens United attacks ‘Fast Terry’ McAuliffe in new film [VIDEO]

12:39 PM 07/26/2013

Citizens United released a new trailer for their upcoming documentary "Fast Terry" on Friday, which points out holes in the business record of Terry McAuliffe, current Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia.

FBI letter to Rand Paul reveals drones used 10 times in US

10:21 AM 07/26/2013

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, at least ten times in the United States, a letter from the agency to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul revealed on Thursday.

MIT scientists successfully implant false memories in mice

9:09 PM 07/25/2013

"Memories can be unreliable."

Democrats move to confirm DHS nominee despite GOP boycott

2:13 PM 07/25/2013

Lead by Delaware Democrat Sen. Tom Carper, the Senate Homeland Security Committee moved to forward Alejandro Mayorkas to the full Senate for confirmation as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday, despite the absence of almost half of the committee.

Report: Snowden planning to stay in Russia, given documents to leave airport

12:32 PM 07/24/2013

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is considering making his stay in Russia permanent, a lawyer connected to the fugitive said on Wednesday, shortly before the news broke that Russian authorities have given Snowden the documents necessary to leave the airport where he has been trapped for a month.

Campaign finance tool gives GOP candidates a leg-up on FEC filing

3:51 PM 07/19/2013

The Federal Election Committee's Q2 filing deadline for campaign finance reports -- a date congressional campaigns and national committees do not generally mark on their calenders with gleeful anticipation -- was this Tuesday. The very next day, July 17, campaign software giant CMDI unveiled CrimsonFiler, a service that company executives predicted will drastically simplify the complicated filing process.

David Brock arrested for stealing fuel from parish

1:37 PM 07/17/2013

David W. Brock was arrested for the theft of over 1,300 gallons of fuel, the Daily Comet, a Lousiana newspaper, reported Tuesday.

Texas Democrat tries to block pro-life legislation until death penalty abolished

11:27 AM 07/17/2013

A Democrat in the Texas House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would prevent implementation of the anti-abortion legislation that just passed in Texas until the death penalty is abolished.

EU puts state-level embargo on Israeli settlements

4:44 PM 07/16/2013

The European Union has forbidden its member states from funding Israeli individuals or organizations based in the contested territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Tuesday.

Haight-Ashbury restaurant sparks sizzling debate over bacon

4:06 PM 07/12/2013

The San Francisco neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury has been famous for almost half a century as one of the epicenters of the 1967 Summer of Love and Hippie subculture. According to the Wall Street Journal, however, visitors walking the streets of the renowned district today won't smell flower beds and marijuana smoke, but rather, old bacon and communal distrust.

New York Times raises possibility of euthanizing Mandela

11:14 AM 07/12/2013

Nelson Mandela continues to hang to life in a South African hospital in what the South African government has called "critical but stable condition," leaving millions of people inspired by his life across the world  to hold out hope for a recovery.

Cops may have missed chance to arrest Tamerlan Tsarnaev for 2011 triple murder

4:57 PM 07/11/2013

Boston police detectives failed to fully investigate Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the now-deceased Boston Marathon bomber, in connection to a September 2011 triple murder, the New York Times reports.