Issa, top Obama scandal cop, SLAMS president for dismissing 'PHONY SCANDALS'

Politics | Alec Hill
'Brian Terry's family does not call it a 'phony' death'

McAuliffe blasts Citizens United without refuting evidence

Elections | Alec Hill
'Yes, THAT Citizens United'

MLB to ban A-Rod for life?

Sports | Alec Hill
38 year-old star faces damning doping allegations

George Zimmerman has another run-in with the law

US | Alec Hill
Far from home, George travels fast

Senate rejects Rand Paul's efforts to cancel aid to Egypt

Politics | Alec Hill
Amendment would have funneled aid money toward infrastructure

Bradley Manning found not guilty of aiding the enemy, guilty of almost everything else

US | Alec Hill
Acquitted of most serious charge, guilty of 10 others

Rand Paul on Christie's attacks: 'Not very smart'

Politics | Alec Hill
'I think what is dangerous in our country is to forget that we have a Bill of Rights'

Citizens United attacks 'Fast Terry' McAuliffe in new film [VIDEO]

Politics | Alec Hill
'There is no line between personal business deals and politics for McAuliffe'

FBI reveals how many times it has used drones in the US

Politics | Alec Hill
Answer comes in letter to Rand Paul

MIT scientists successfully implant false memories in mice

Tech | Alec Hill
Experiments bring plot of 'Inception' one step closer to reality

Democrats move to confirm DHS nominee despite GOP boycott

Politics | Alec Hill
Hearing is 'virtually without precedent in the history of this or any other Senate committee'

Snowden may have finally chosen his new home

World | Alec Hill
Leaker's been in the market for a new country

Campaign finance tool gives GOP candidates a leg-up on FEC filing

Tech | Alec Hill
Filing quarterly reports and complying with campaign finance regulations is as much of a headache for pols as April 15 is for average Americans

David Brock arrested for stealing fuel from parish

US | Alec Hill
Fuel valued at over $3,800

Bill from Texas Democrat ties death penalty abolition to abortion

US | Alec Hill
Because 500 violent criminals are the same as millions of unborn children

EU puts state-level embargo on Israeli settlements

World | Alec Hill
The EU has forbidden its members to fund Israeli individuals or organizations based in contested territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Haight-Ashbury restaurant sparks sizzling debate over bacon

US | Alec Hill
'Really? You complained to the cops that you smelled bacon?'

New York Times raises possibility of euthanizing Mandela

World | Alec Hill
As world holds out hope for leader's recovery, the Times evaluates different options

Cops may have missed chance to arrest Tamerlan Tsarnaev for 2011 triple murder

US | Alec Hill
Solved case might have prevented Boston Bombings

Quinnipiac: Americans' opinions on cyber surveillance shift dramatically

Tech | Alec Hill
Many now say anti-terrorism efforts have 'gone too far' in restricting civil liberties

Obama rewards top campaign donors with embassy positions

Politics | Alec Hill
Want to be an ambassador? Should only cost you $2 million

James Comey calls leaks a 'critical element of a functioning democracy'

Politics | Alec Hill
Nominee to run FBI also condemns waterboarding

Lautenberg's family calls Cory Booker a 'celebrity' who relies on 'gimmicks'

Politics | Alec Hill
The family of deceased NJ Sen. Lautenberg endorsed Pallone over Booker for Lautenberg's empty seat on Monday.

U.S. government tracks your snail mail, too

US | Alec Hill
USPS photographs and catalogues every piece of mail sent in the U.S.

Gov't failing to teach over 98 percent of people who can't speak English

Education | Alec Hill
English-as-a-second-language programs run by the government have failed to help the estimated 23 million adults in America who need them.

State Department spent $630,000 buying friends on Facebook

Politics | Alec Hill
Nation's diplomats spend taxpayer money in quest for Facebook 'likes'

European leaders on NSA bugging: 'We are no longer in the Cold War'

World | Alec Hill
Merkel, Hollande condemn US surveillance of allies

Scalia slams fellow Justices in DOMA dissent

Politics | Alec Hill

Gore: Obama should employ 'constant use of the bully pulpit' on climate change

Politics | Alec Hill
Former VP says working with Congress is hopeless

Liberal journalists tweet outrage after Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act ruling

Politics | Alec Hill
MSNBC hosts furious

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