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Alex B. Berezow
Alex B. Berezow
Editor, Real Clear Science
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      Alex B. Berezow

      Alex B. Berezow is the editor of RealClearScience and holds a Ph.D. in microbiology. He is co-author of the book Science Left Behind.

My Polish massage: a story with a moral

Everyone likes a good massage, especially if it’s cheap. Whenever I visit my in-laws in Poland, I always make sure to take advantage of the good exchange rate and the lower cost of labor: A 60-minute, full-body massage is priced at just over $38. As that famous Kazakh, Borat, would say, “Very nice!”

Italy’s war on science and reason

9:08 PM 10/28/2012

Italy is a country that, for good or for worse, was at or near the center of the world for much of the past 2,000 years. Home of the Roman Empire, wellspring of the Renaissance and birthplace of Christopher Columbus, what happened in Italy often didn’t stay in Italy.

Deactivating cell phones while driving is pointless

4:21 PM 11/30/2010

If you thought the TSA body scans and sensual pat downs went too far, then you will be displeased to learn that the federal government is now considering using technology that will deactivate your cell phone while you are in a moving vehicle. This is in response to the fact that, according to Transportation Secretary Raymond LaHood, 5,500 people were killed last year due to distracted driving.