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Palin pens ambiguous debt ceiling note to GOP freshmen

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'Everyone I talk to still believes in contested primaries'

Gov. Chris Christie hospitalized for breathing problems, 'back at work tomorrow'

Politics | Amanda Seitz
Officials say the New Jersey governor was hospitalized out of 'an abundance of caution'

Clooney talks about upcoming political flick

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
'It's really about a character who drank the Kool-Aid'

Ground Zero to be rebuilt as a bustling city, free of political rhetoric

US | Amanda Seitz
'New York City needed a building --- infrastructure --- it didn’t need a political message'

Representative likens Congress to the late Amy Winehouse

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
Congressman: 'No one could reach #AmyWinehouse before it was too late. Can anyone reach Washington?'

Bachmann on defense: I keep a 'rigorous schedule'

Politics | Amanda Seitz
Presidential candidate disregards migraine concerns

Karl Rove: Bachmann should release medical records

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'It's going to be important for her to get her doctors out there, quickly'

Obama backs Defense of Marriage Act repeal

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'The president has long called for a legislative repeal of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act'

Khloe Kardashian, husband tweet about fatal car accident

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
'My thoughts and prayers are with the young boy's family...'

Faith and Values no longer 'issues' for

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'Faith & Values' tab disappeared from RNC website during 2009 redesign project, has not been replaced

Fact check: Obama's press conference

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'You have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach'

Company ends contracts with Iran after cranes used in public hangings

World | Amanda Seitz
'No one should be having their products going to Iran, particularly given its history of misusing products to fund terrorism'

Report: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt set for summer wedding

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
Despite gay marriage vow, pair may be wed this summer

Human Rights Watch calls for Obama to prosecute Bush

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'There are solid grounds to investigate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Tenet for authorizing torture and war crimes'

Mila Kunis to attend military ball with U.S. Marine

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
'You need to do it for your country,' Justin Timberlake urges

Barney Frank: Go ahead, look at the economic impact of my financial law

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'As long as the cost, of course, includes the financial crisis...'

Even Whoopi Goldberg confused why she hosted Dalai Lama talk

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
Goldberg: ‘Are you sure? You know what I do, right?’

Joe Biden's first week on Twitter surprisingly uneventful

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
No F-bombs tweeted…yet

Elizabeth Smart lands ABC News spot

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
Former abductee to start contributing in coming weeks on missing person cases

FHA delays foreclosures for unemployed

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'Part of why we are doing this is to try to push the broader market to extend their unemployment programs and forbearance programs'

Democrats continue fight against voter ID laws

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'Voter impersonation is not a problem'

Salahi family to headline polo tournament

Entertainment | Amanda Seitz
'Michaele will be judging who is hot and who is not'

Club for Growth examines Bachmann's voting record

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'We are confident that Congresswoman Bachmann would be a pro-growth president'

Stimulus funds at the center of state budget troubles

Politics | Amanda Seitz
‘Stimulus money is gone; the economy hasn’t recovered’

Obama may announce Afghanistan decision this week

Politics | Amanda Seitz
President may call for all troops out of Afghanistan by end of 2012

GOP House members attempt to foil Obama's recess appointments

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'We don't think we should allow him to make recess appointments'

Howard Dean called a 'fiscal conservative'

Politics | Amanda Seitz
‘Many people don’t know this, Gov. Dean is actually a fiscal conservative’

Tweets poke fun at Weiner

Politics | Amanda Seitz
Coulter: 'I was hoping Weiner would resign on Twitter like a normal person who likes to send around photos of his junk'

Landry slams OSHA for excessive regulations

Politics | Amanda Seitz
'It’s hard to work and earn a living under those regulations'

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