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Clooney talks about upcoming political flick

2:00 PM 07/27/2011

As Americans become increasingly fascinated by the budget battle and frustrated with politicians, George Clooney will soon unveil a film that questions the moral compass of Washington's political swamp.

Obama backs Defense of Marriage Act repeal

5:14 PM 07/19/2011

Foreshadowing a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Defense of Marriage Act, the White House today announced President Barack Obama’s endorsement for repealing the 1996 law.

Faith and Values are sins of omission at

12:30 AM 07/19/2011

As Republican presidential hopefuls crisscross the country appealing to faithful conservatives for their votes, the Republican National Committee’s website no longer lists “Faith” or “Values” among its “most important issues.”

Fact check: Obama’s press conference

4:23 PM 07/15/2011

President Barack Obama had a lot to say about what the “American people” think about the budget impasse during his Friday press conference, but his statements weren’t always accurate.

Mila Kunis says ‘yes’ to U.S. Marine invite

6:20 PM 07/11/2011

With the help of a simple YouTube video, U.S. Marine Sgt. Scott Moore's dream of spending an evening with Hollywood starlet Mila Kunis is one step closer to reality. Currently deployed in Afghanistan, Moore posted a video on YouTube requesting the presence of Kunis at the November 18 Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina.