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Gun Test: Diamondback DB FS Nine

4:53 PM 11/04/2014

Diamondback’s DB FS Nine, the company’s first attempt at a full-size semi-automatic, is a polymer-frame striker-fired 9 mm with a 4.75" chrome moly barrel and an unloaded weight of 21.5 ozs. That’s roughly two-and-a-half times as much as the company’s demure DB380 weighs, so the FS Nine represents a step up in size for Diamondback as well as a leap into the crowded field of striker-fired autoloaders.

Gun Test: CVA Hunter In .44 Magnum

4:36 PM 10/04/2014

Recognized for its high-quality, yet economical, muzzleloaders and switch-barrel long guns, CVA has also manufactured dedicated Spanish-made single-shot rifles since 2010, with the debut of the Scout. As of 2012, the Scout was in its second iteration, the V2, which incorporated many of the “premium” features found on the company’s muzzleloaders. This rightly increased the price. In upgrading the Scout, CVA left a niche for a no-frills, value-priced, entry-level rifle. To fill this void, the company introduced the Hunter.

Ruger Hawkeye Guide Gun

5:57 PM 09/10/2014

Many dangerous-game guides carry a different sort of rifle than their clients. African professional hunters often carry open-sighted, large-bore double rifles, and an Alaskan bear guide’s rifle is typically a short lever- or bolt-action chambered for a cartridge of at least .33 caliber. The reason is because it’s the client’s primary job to place the first shot correctly, and the guide shoots only if the client wounds an animal, and usually at close range.