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Ares Defense SCR: Legal In All 50 States

American Rifleman

By Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

The Lee-Enfield: The Greatest Bolt-Action Of The Great War

11:45 AM 07/18/2014

By Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

Shooting Steel-Cased 7.62x39mm In Ruger Mini Thirtys

3:29 PM 07/16/2014

Q: I’ve been shooting Russian-made 7.62x39 mm ammunition in my Ruger Mini Thirty. The steel cases are coated in some sort of lacquer for corrosion protection, which I think has been causing rounds to get stuck in the chamber. My brother has had similar issues, and he said the lacquer is causing a residue that is very difficult to remove—even after a thorough cleaning. Anyhow, I believe that this cheap ammunition is a failed product that is being offered and that NRA members should be made aware of the issues.

Don’t Let Recoil Ruin Your Shooting Fun

4:40 PM 07/10/2014

By John Zent, American Rifleman

Gun Test: Ruger SR-762

6:26 PM 07/06/2014

By Joe Kurtenbach, American Rifleman

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown: World’s Best Survival Gun?

6:12 PM 06/24/2014

By Brian Sheetz, American Rifleman

Mastery Of Metals: Federal HST And Guard Dog Loads

9:43 PM 06/18/2014

By Aaron Carter, American Rifleman

Gun Test: Stag 3T M

7:04 AM 06/12/2014

By American Rifleman Staff

Glocks And Little Green Army Men

6:54 AM 06/10/2014

By Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

8 Things You Might Not Know About The Ruger Mini-14

8:57 PM 06/03/2014

By Shawn Skipper, American Rifleman

Ann Y. Smith Becomes First Woman Editor In 130 Years At American Rifleman

1:09 PM 05/30/2014

By John Zent, American Rifleman

Gun Test: Remington R1 Carry Commander

7:31 AM 05/30/2014

By Staff at American Rifleman

Smart Guns: Betting Your Life On Your iPhone?

7:25 AM 05/28/2014

By Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

.410 Slugs For Deer Hunting?

7:24 AM 05/28/2014

By Aaron Carter, American Rifleman

Gun Test: Chiappa M9-22

10:21 PM 05/22/2014

By NRA's, American Rifleman

Gun Test: Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Back Country

7:35 AM 05/14/2014

By NRA's American Rifleman staff

Smart Guns: Dude, You Hacked My Gun

4:27 PM 05/06/2014

By Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

Dual Citizenship: The Rock Island Armory Story

7:16 AM 05/02/2014

By Joe Kurtenbach , American Rifleman

Gun Test: Browing A5 3 1/2 Inch

7:01 AM 04/25/2014

By NRA Staff, American Rifleman