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Study: Raiding 401k for college expenses poses financial risks

Business | Andrew Sachais
Withdrawals from retirement accounts are taxable, making them a bad bet for tuition funds

Anti-obesity campaigns hurting aluminum industry

Business | Andrew Sachais
The movement is mainly driven by a more health-conscious public, which is consuming more drinks perceived as healthier

Congressman claims he has answer for banks' moral hazard problem

Business | Andrew Sachais
'We have to fix it; we haven’t fixed it'

Obama's gloomy sequester outlook would not take effect immediately

Business | Andrew Sachais
Senior congressional aide: 'Nothing. Nothing happens' when March 1 comes

Unlikely Chinese government had "no idea" of Cyber Attacks, claims Mandia

Business | Andrew Sachais
The cyberattacks did not aim to destroy content,

Are we in the next Merger Wave?

Business | Andrew Sachais
With the surprising string of M&A activity lately, is it safe to say that we have entered the next boom?

Toy drone sells out on Amazon amid jokes from reviewers

Tech | Andrew Sachais
Satirical reviewers mock apparently popular toy

Reader's Digest seeks bankruptcy protection

Business | Andrew Sachais
The company has struggled to maintain a presence in the digital world

US sanctions effectively cut off Tehran lifeline

Business | Andrew Sachais
The Turkey-Iran gold for gas trade has been crushed

Michael Jordan says Kobe's five championship rings trump Lebron's one

Sports | Andrew Sachais
'Five beats one every time I look at it'

Pre-school children recalled from vacation to serve as props for Obama visit

US | Andrew Sachais
'It was very surprising. The timing presented a rather unique challenge'

Injured star quaterback poised to start 2013 season, says Redskins insider

Sports | Andrew Sachais
2012 NFL Associated Press Rookie of the Year Robert Griffin III is still recovering

Over-controlling parents make college-aged children depressed, study shows

Education | Andrew Sachais
Over-controlling parents may have adverse effects on child performance

Your airline ticket just got more expensive

Business | Andrew Sachais
Merger of US Airways and American Airlines will be the third blockbuster deal since 2008

China takes milder stance on North Korea nuclear testing

World | Andrew Sachais
'Beijing chides North Korea, but nothing much happens'

Consumers' weighed down by tax increases

Business | Andrew Sachais
Retail sales gain only modestly

The secret finances of the Vatican

Business | Andrew Sachais
The Pope had a goal of financial transparency when he assumed his role, it has yet to be accomplished

Why the Postal Service is losing its footing

Business | Andrew Sachais
Online competition drives down Postal Service profits

College graduates are the new subprime borrowers

Business | Andrew Sachais
With the reward of a college degree decreasing, many students and parents will end up as debt slaves.

JP Morgan under scrutiny for mortgage securities

Business | Andrew Sachais
'We are a moving company, not a storage company'

Ivy League schools sue recent graduates over loan repayments

Education | Andrew Sachais
By not repaying loans, 'the government or the school comes after them very aggressively'

Dell goes private to the tune of $24 billion

Business | Andrew Sachais
Takeover represents Mr. Dell's most drastic effort yet to turn around the company he founded

Inflation fears pervade World Economic Forum

Business | Andrew Sachais
Easy money starting to worry some central bankers and business leaders

Economic confidence leads stocks higher

Business | Andrew Sachais
Gallup's US Economic Confidence Index reveals strength behind equity markets in 2013

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