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Angelica Malik

TSA accused of racial profiling

9:06 PM 08/13/2012

Just days after a new Gallup poll found that 54 percent of Americans believe the Transportation Security Administration is doing a good or excellent job, TSA agents at Boston’s Logan airport were accused of racial profiling.

Pension reforms are coming, one state at a time

3:44 PM 08/06/2012

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn amped up pressure on state Republicans to go along with his public pension reforms on Sunday by threatening massive budget cuts for school districts. At the crux of the reforms is a plan to make downstate and suburban school systems pay the pension costs for their work forces.

Taxpayers may bear burden of eminent domain scheme

11:06 AM 07/19/2012

County officials in San Bernardino, Calif., may soon use eminent domain to confiscate homeowners’ properties to relieve them of their underwater mortgages in a convoluted and costly plan that may cause more than a few legal headaches.

Is European austerity a facade?

10:26 AM 07/09/2012

Many Europeans blame their economic hardships on "austerity," but research shows that most countries have actually done little to reduce social welfare and other spending.