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Andrew F. Quinlan
President, Center for Freedom and Prosperity
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      Andrew F. Quinlan

      Andrew F. Quinlan is co-founder and president of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

The Product Safety Commission Hit An Iceberg And Lost Its Way

BELFAST, NI - JULY 14, 2016: Sinking process of Titanic in the Titanic Belfast, visitor attraction dedicated to the RMS Tinanic, a ship wreck sank by hitting an iceberg in 1912. (Shutterstock)

Far too often it seems like the federal government runs on autopilot. Federal regulatory inertia ensures that the bureaucratic state, thanks to its unmanageable size and vast powers, tends to resist political change. This is especially true for “independent” agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that are subject to little if any meaningful oversight.

New Trade Barriers Won’t Keep Trump Economy Rolling. They Will Cripple It

5:59 PM 02/05/2018

President Donald Trump is riding high after a well-received State of the Union address that highlighted the positive economic developments of his first year in office. Economic performance over the last year was certainly strong, elevated by the expectations for and then delivery of a once-in-a-generation overhaul of the tax code.

Betting On Federalism At The Supreme Court

12:41 AM 12/18/2017

The Supreme Court heard arguments in Christie v. NCAA last week. The case pits the New Jersey governor against the NCAA and various professional sports leagues seeking to block the state’s moves to partially legalize sports betting. Like many states, New Jersey is looking to expand the freedom of its citizens to engage in certain types of gambling. Congress and the courts should not stand in their way.

Republicans Must Stand Firm On Ending State And Local Deduction

5:22 PM 10/20/2017

No one thought tax reform would be easy. It was to be expected that as soon as a plan with any level of detail was announced, the special interests would line up to ensure that their carveouts were preserved. Since simplifying the tax code and eliminating loopholes are key objectives of reform, tax writers need to resist this pressure if there is any hope at all for a plan to make it through Congress. How they handle the misguided effort to preserve the state and local tax (SALT) deduction will likely demonstrate whether sufficient political courage exists to make tax reform a success.

President Trump Can Help Get Puerto Rico Back On Track

2:39 PM 08/04/2017

Thanks to decades of financial mismanagement, numerous state and local governments throughout the U.S. are facing imminent fiscal collapse. On a debt-to-GDP ratio, none is in worse shape than Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the oversight board created by Congress to help get the island's finances in order has not lived up to its promise. President Trump should use his appointment power to help get it back on track.

The Free-Market Concern With Warren’s Hearing Aid Proposal

3:46 PM 06/23/2017

Proponents of the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act from the libertarian Niskanen Center accused critics in a recent op-ed of misleading about the bill, after previously suggesting we were tricked by fake news, in order to benefit hearing aid manufacturers. They also suggest that the opposition—which they refer to as “conservative,” but also includes libertarian organizations like my own—are overly fixated on the fact that Elizabeth Warren is the bill's lead sponsor and would otherwise be supporting what they insist is deregulation.

Hearing Aid Provision Could Slow Crucial FDA Bill

2:09 PM 05/17/2017

Congress is struggling to deal with the slow-motion collapse of Obamacare and put in place a viable alternative, but there are other bills with potential to impact the health and welfare of millions of Americans moving through Congress. Last week the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) advanced legislation to reauthorize FDA user fee agreements that also contained troubling provisions related to hearing aids, and the House is expected to advance it out of committee this week as well.

Hiking Carried Interest Tax Is A Liberal Dream

1:54 PM 05/10/2017

White House staff recently indicated that President Trump still thinks raising taxes on carried interest is a good idea. On that he can find a lot of agreement—from big government liberals. If nothing else, perhaps the fact that only tax-warfare loving Democrats seem to agree with him on the issue will provide sufficient cause for him to reconsider.

OSHA Must Revisit Costly Expansion Of Maritime Construction Rule

5:03 PM 04/11/2017

In the waning hours of the Obama administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) finalized a rule to dramatically lower the level of permissible exposure to beryllium in workplaces. This expensive regulation was expanded behind closed doors after its initial public proposal and lacks strong scientific support. It is set to take effect May 20, after President Trump directed agencies to delay for 60 days rules that had been published in the federal register but not yet taken effect. His administration should insist that OSHA reverse the last-minute expansion of the rule, and at the very least follow proper procedures if it wishes to expand it again.

The False Promises Of A Republican Carbon Tax

3:58 PM 02/14/2017

Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress for the first time in a decade. That might not be true for long, however, if they give into the voices within the party and other special interests now calling for a carbon tax. Americans elected Republicans to cut taxes, not to raise them.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Throws 9/11 Victims Under The Bus

5:50 PM 12/19/2016

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is on the warpath against alleged foreign interference in America’s presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped the South Carolina senator from allowing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get away with killing thousands of Americans on September 11th, 2001.

One Cabinet Post Trump Needs To Get Right

11:54 AM 12/09/2016

Media and political pundits are understandably focused on battles over who President-elect Trump will appoint to serve in high-profile Cabinet positions such as Secretary of State. Yet one of the most critical appointments he will have to make will be his selection to head the less glamorous Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

A Potential Poison Pill In The Republican Tax Plan

1:31 PM 11/18/2016

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, combined with a very good election for House and Senate Republicans, has dramatically improved the odds of meaningful tax reform. And there already are serious proposals on the table. Trump issued a plan as part of his campaign, so that presumably will be seen as a starting point. But legislators are also likely to draw heavily on the plan put forward earlier this year from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady as they work out the legislative details for a tax overhaul.

Carbon Tax Initiative Offers False Promises

12:20 PM 11/07/2016

In addition to choosing between presidential candidates, voters in the state of Washington will be asked on November 8th to decide whether to enact a one-of-a-kind ballot proposal to impose a tax on carbon emissions. How they decide could influence similar attempts across the nation. Those concerned about the environment probably look favorably upon the initiative, but closer scrutiny suggests it should be rejected.

CFPB Should Scrap, Not Tighten, Small-Dollar Lending Rules

3:31 PM 10/20/2016

State attorneys generals serve as the chief legal advisers for their respective governments, but over the last two decades have increasingly inserted themselves into national policymaking. In the most recent example, eight AGs signed a letter calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to go even further with its already onerous proposed Small-Dollar Lending Rule. CFPB should ignore their advice and instead scrap the paternalistic regulations altogether.

Fake Concern From Contact Lens Giants Could Cost Consumers

12:07 PM 10/06/2016

Contact lenses are big business. A $4 billion industry, in fact. That's not much of a surprise when you consider that an estimated 40 million Americans wear contacts. Also not a surprise: the fact that the industry's biggest players are fighting to use government to limit choice and line their pockets at the expense of consumers.