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Immigration Causes Nancy Pelosi To Take Lord’s Name in Vain

Ariel Cohen
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks to the media after a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama and House of Representatives democratic leadership at the White House in Washington, October 15, 2013. Pelosi, head of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, said on Tuesday she still believes a U.S. debt default can be averted.  REUTERS/Yuri Gripas (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS) - RTX14CTY

Nancy Pelosi is so happy that border control legislation will go untouched by House Republicans before congressional recess begins on Friday, she believes it might be a gift from God.

The Daily Caller’s 50 Most Beautiful People On The Hill [SLIDESHOW]

9:10 AM 07/30/2014

Every year The Hill releases a list of the "50 Most Beautiful People on the Hill," and every year the general consensus among Washingtonians is that the list appears a tad lackluster.

Alleged Transcripts Show Obama As Hostile Towards Israel

5:10 PM 07/29/2014

The White House National Security Council says they are being misrepresented by purported transcripts of a recent conversation between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

New York Times Journalist Accused Of Plagiarizing Wikipedia

4:27 PM 07/29/2014

“All news that’s fit to print” apparently now includes Wikipedia entries.

Kerry’s Failed Cease-Fire Leads To More Violence

2:56 PM 07/27/2014

After another attempt to broker peace in the Middle East, it appears U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will come home empty handed yet again, and neither the Israelis nor Palestinians are happy with America’s top diplomat’s efforts in the region.

ISIS Militants Destroy Biblical Site

11:46 PM 07/24/2014

Radicals from the Muslim terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), destroyed the shrine of the Christian biblical prophet Jonah, in an action not seen since the Taliban destroyed Buddhist religious sites during their rule in Afghanistan.

Boy Has A World Record 232 Teeth Removed

3:58 PM 07/24/2014

A boy in India had 232 teeth removed after seeking help for the swelling of his lower jaw. Doctors believe that this could be a world record.

Panic After Associated Press Tweets Terribly-Worded Breaking News

12:06 PM 07/23/2014

The Associated Press needs to pay more attention to their stylebook when reporting the news.

Director Of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Compares Gun Violence Toll To 9/11

3:01 PM 07/22/2014

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may want to keep a closer eye on his advocacy staff, after a director of his anti-gun legislation compared the death toll from gun violence to the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001.

Kerry Not Wanted In Middle East

2:35 PM 07/21/2014

As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is heading back to the region to continue pursuing a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas -- but he may not be welcome this time around.

Obama Signs Executive Order Affecting 20 Percent Of American Workers [VIDEO]

1:14 PM 07/21/2014

President Barack Obama used his executive power on Monday morning to sign an order that will affect roughly one-fifth of the American workforce, prohibiting discrimination in the workplace based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

NRCC: Pelosi Is ‘Toxic’ For 2014 Democratic House Candidates

3:15 PM 07/17/2014

With her goal of Democrats winning 25 seat in the House in 2014, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may be setting her sights a little too high, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Shocker: MSNBC Panel Blames Bush For Current Middle East Crisis [VIDEO]

6:14 PM 07/15/2014

In an MSNBC interview with Alex Wagner, Jane Harman of the Woodrow Institute blamed the current chaos in the Middle East on Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush.

Obama Administration Wrongly Trusts Hamas To Uphold Cease-fire

3:09 PM 07/15/2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry cancelled a trip to Egypt to help broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, based on the assumption that Hamas would agree to the Egyptian-proposed cease-fire agreement and hostilities would end.

Muslim-Americans Fed Up With Obama Administration

11:47 PM 07/14/2014

Some members of the Muslim-American community will no longer stand with President Barack Obama and his policies regarding the Middle East, and they refuse to believe that the situation can be fixed this time around.

Congressman To Fox: ‘We Don’t Control the Border,’ But Criminals Do [VIDEO]

7:03 PM 07/14/2014

In an appearance on Fox News on Monday, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) stated that the U.S. border with Mexico is not controlled by the United States, it's controlled by Mexican criminal organizations.

Some Afghans Wish John Kerry Would Be Their President

3:27 PM 07/14/2014

If U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ever needs a new job, he could find himself at home in Afghanistan.

Woman Falls To Death On NYC Subway Tracks

11:24 AM 07/14/2014

A New York City woman plummeted to her death on the train tracks Saturday after toying with her iPad to pass the time while waiting for the subway.

ABC Commentators: Obama Won’t Get Impeached Because ‘Nobody Of Relevance Is Talking About Impeachment’ [VIDEO]

1:59 PM 07/13/2014

While on ABC’s "Powerhouse Roundtable" Sunday, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and GOP strategist Ana Navarro discussed the irrelevancy of the movement for President Barack Obama’s impeachment, with Kristol simply saying, "One problem with it [impeachment] is of course you just get Joe Biden as president."