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      Barbara Baird

      Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird is a freelance writer in travel and outdoor markets, She is the publisher of and a blogger at A certified NRA handgun instructor and RSO, she can be found most weekends at the range or afield.

Bring it: ‘NRA Moms’ vs. Bloomberg’s ‘Moms Demand Action’

9:58 PM 05/08/2014

And so it begins. Quite possibly, one of the most interesting gun control battles in a long time will be held in the world of Mom-dom. Soccer moms from across this land will put on the shoulder pads of pro- or anti-gun control sides and head out for knock-down, drag-out media wars. The field will get bloodied and believe me, there will not be any Kool-Aid moms in white pants running around in this scenario.

Ladies, first, in the gun industry?

6:58 AM 03/09/2012

It was a big day in gun world this week, on March 7, when Julie Golob appeared on Top Guns. Julie, always poised under whatever pressure is thrown at her at the time, explained three competition guns made by the company she represents (Smith & Wesson), talked about the guns’  histories and capabilities and then, shot them to demonstrate the firepower and attributes. I just want to know, what is her choice for antiperspirant? Seriously, it must be good.