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      Barbara Baird

      Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird is a freelance writer in travel and outdoor markets, She is the publisher of and a blogger at A certified NRA handgun instructor and RSO, she can be found most weekends at the range or afield.

Bring it: ‘NRA Moms’ vs. Bloomberg’s ‘Moms Demand Action’

9:58 PM 05/08/2014

And so it begins. Quite possibly, one of the most interesting gun control battles in a long time will be held in the world of Mom-dom. Soccer moms from across this land will put on the shoulder pads of pro- or anti-gun control sides and head out for knock-down, drag-out media wars. The field will get bloodied and believe me, there will not be any Kool-Aid moms in white pants running around in this scenario.