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Round Two: Radical Islamic Cleric Squares Off Against CNN’s Brian Stelter [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon

Building off his fiery confrontation with Fox News' Sean Hannity last week, on Sunday radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary sparred with CNN's Brian Stelter in a more-measured, but just-as-crazy exposition of his fundamentalist Islamic views.

NBC’s Richard Engel: Military Commanders ‘Apoplectic’ Over Obama’s ‘No Strategy’ Remarks [VIDEO]

12:07 PM 08/31/2014

NBC News' chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel claimed military commanders are "apoplectic" over President Barack Obama's dithering on ISIS and admission that "we don't have a strategy yet" to deal with them.

Feinstein: Obama ‘Too Cautious’ On ISIS [VIDEO]

11:43 AM 08/31/2014

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Diane Feinstein called President Barack Obama "too cautious" in his response to the ultra-violent jihadists in ISIS, adding he was "wrong" to call them a jayvee team back in January.

Dem Pollster Admits Obama’s Amnesty For Illegals ‘Would Not Be A Positive’ For Dem Candidates [VIDEO]

11:00 AM 08/31/2014

Democratic pollster Mark Mellman admitted on Sunday that President Barack Obama's plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants "would not be a positive" for Democratic candidates in competitive races this fall.

Mike Rogers: Obama Foreign Policy ‘In Absolute Free Fall’ After ‘No Strategy’ Admission [VIDEO]

10:19 AM 08/31/2014

House Intelligence committee chairman Mike Rogers claimed that President Obama's admission that the White House has no strategy to deal with ISIS "exemplifies that his foreign policy is in absolute free fall."

Gutfeld: ‘ISIS Is A Movement Of Sexual Losers Channeling Their Misery Into Violence’ [VIDEO]

6:15 PM 08/29/2014

Fox News' host Greg Gutfeld savaged the fundamentalist Islamic savages while on "The Five" Friday, calling ISIS "a movement of sexual losers channeling their misery into violence."

Fox’s Ed Henry To Earnest: Why’s Obama Still Playing Golf When He Has No Strategy? [VIDEO]

5:20 PM 08/29/2014

Fox News' White House reporter Ed Henry painstakingly grilled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest over President Barack Obama's admission that he still has no strategy to combat ISIS, asking why he's "still raising campaign money, playing golf, when he's acknowledging that he still doesn't have a strategy to deal with this?"

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama ‘Seems To Be Having A Debate With Himself Sometimes’ On ISIS [VIDEO]

2:57 PM 08/29/2014

NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell took a subtle shot at President Barack Obama's indecision over ISIS, telling Senator Chris Murphy "he seems to be having a debate with himself sometimes" over his strategy against the Islamic terrorists.

‘Disastrous Soundbite’: Liberal Pundits Baffled By Obama’s ‘We Don’t Have A Strategy’ [VIDEO]

12:27 PM 08/29/2014

Liberal commentators from The New York Times and The Washington Post expressed alarm over President Obama's admission that "we don't have a strategy yet" to confront ISIS, with Times columnist Nicolas Kristof saying "he's got a problem."

Krauthammer ‘Shocked’ By Obama’s Admission That He Has No ISIS, Ukraine Strategy [VIDEO]

7:55 PM 08/28/2014

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer thought he'd seen it all from President Barack Obama. But he admitted he was "shocked" by Thursday's White House press conference, when Obama admitted he had no strategy on ISIS and planned on doing nothing to support Ukraine against Russia.

Beckel Admits Obama’s New Climate Plan ‘Clearly A Violation Of Treaty-Making Power’ [VIDEO]

6:12 PM 08/28/2014

Even liberal commentator Bob Beckel panned President Obama's plan to enact a new, "politically binding" global warming treaty without Senate ratification, calling it "clearly a violation of the treaty-making power of the president."

Gohmert Slams Obama’s Mideast Strategy: ‘Consistently Chosen Side Of Radical Islamists’ [VIDEO]

5:34 PM 08/28/2014

Republican lawmaker Louie Gohmert blasted Obama for repeatedly working to undermine stable governments in the Middle East, claiming he's "consistently chosen to choose the side of radical Islamists" in civil wars all across the region.

Hillary Finally Picks Sides On Ferguson: ‘Cannot Ignore Inequities That Persist In Our Justice System’ [VIDEO]

3:48 PM 08/28/2014

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton finally weighed in on the Ferguson crisis Thursday, siding largely with the protestors by suggesting American police are racist and claiming "we cannot ignore the inequities that persist in our justice system."

Luis Gutierrez Now Claiming Over SIX Million Illegals Could Receive Amnesty [VIDEO]

5:22 PM 08/27/2014

For the first time on Wednesday, Democratic congressman Luis Gutierrez hinted that "over six million undocumented workers" will be granted amnesty through President Obama's impending executive action -- greatly expanding his usual estimate of around five million illegal immigrants.

Limbaugh: ‘Disengaged’ Obama ‘A Calculated Political Stratagem’ To Fly Under Radar [VIDEO]

2:28 PM 08/27/2014

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed that the conventional wisdom of a "disengaged, bored" President Barack Obama is in fact a "calculated political stratagem" designed to lull opponents of his progressive agenda into a false sense of security.

Scarborough Nearly Loses It Over Accidental Shooting Range Death [VIDEO]

12:37 PM 08/27/2014

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was incredulous Wednesday over the accidental killing of a firearms instructor by a nine-year-old girl he was teaching, calling it "sick" and angrily claiming that the Second Amendment doesn't give "nine-year-old children the right to fire semi-automatic weapons."

CNN: New Report On VA ‘Damning,’ ‘Scathing Rebuke’ [VIDEO]

4:28 PM 08/26/2014

CNN reporter Drew Griffin called Tuesday's news report on the Veterans Administration's Phoenix office "damning," claiming the allegations of dozens of veteran deaths and widespread mismanagement "looks pretty bad" and wondered why internal VA sources gave the report such glowing reviews.

Obama’s Speech To The American Legion Was Painfully Awkward [VIDEO]

2:46 PM 08/26/2014

It wasn't exactly the roaring, adoring, campaign-style crowd President Barack Obama is accustomed to.

‘We’re Getting Ready’: Gutierrez Expecting Executive Amnesty For Five Million Illegals [VIDEO]

2:56 PM 08/25/2014

Democratic lawmaker Luis Gutierrez expressed extreme confidence that President Barack Obama will shortly bypass Congress and grant amnesty to five million illegal immigrants, calling it "music to his ears" and claiming he and his colleagues are "getting ready."