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Sheriff Joe Arpaio BLASTS Mexico Over Its Opposition To Texas Border Enforcement Push

Brendan Bordelon

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio slammed the Mexican government over their anger that Texas Governor Rick Perry deployed National Guard troops to the border, saying U.S. soldiers should be "across the border" in Mexico and floated taking away some of Mexico's foreign aid to pay for the ongoing operation.

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Runs Awkward Segment On Israeli-Palestinian ‘Hookups’

3:28 PM 07/23/2014

MSNBC host Ronan Farrow flipped on a dime from covering the "agony in Gaza" to the "lighter note" of Israeli-Palestinian "hookups" -- even managing to provide a platform for a one-sided denunciation of Israeli "racism" in the process.

Mark Levin Savages Jon Stewart Over ‘Putrid’ Israel Segment: ‘Read Up, Ivy League Boy!’

1:49 PM 07/23/2014

Conservative radio host Mark Levin lit into Comedy Central host Jon Stewart for a "putrid" bit blasting Israel's attack on Hamas last week, explaining the violent history of the terrorist group occupying Gaza and instructing Stewart to "read up, Ivy League boy!"

‘Is This How The Benghazi Talking Points Were Developed?’ Govt Watchdogs Blast Kerry Aide’s Use Of Gmail Account

10:39 PM 07/22/2014

Two top government watchdogs in Washington D.C. slammed a key aide to Secretary of State John Kerry for using a private Gmail account to conduct official government business, calling it "the worst possible practice in trying to maintain transparency" and speculating whether this was "how the Benghazi talking points were developed."

Does Hillary Have Her Own Energizer? Is She Lesbian? ‘The View’ Speculates [VIDEO]

1:10 PM 07/22/2014

Jenny McCarthy is already on her way out of ABC's "The View" after being fired last month. And she seems determined to go out with a bang, attacking the most sacred cow of "The View's" liberal female audience by speculating that Hillary Clinton might be a lesbian.

Top Kerry Aide Tries To Squash Claim Of Anti-Fox News Bias By Lying To The Daily Caller

10:03 PM 07/21/2014

It's well-known in Washington that the Obama administration is frustrated by journalists who point out their hostile treatment of Fox News and other uncooperative members of the press corps. But what happens when an important official resorts to lies and distortions to intimidate a reporter into retracting a bias claim his boss would rather not be published?

Outrage After Sky News Reporter Combs Through Luggage Of Airliner Shootdown Victim On-Air [VIDEO]

11:34 AM 07/21/2014

British cable news channel Sky News was forced to apologize after broadcasting reporter Colin Brazier rummaging through the abandoned belongings of those murdered in the shootdown of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine last week.

‘Morning Joe’ Doesn’t Believe Kerry’s Open Mic Criticism Of Israel Was An Accident [VIDEO]

9:41 AM 07/21/2014

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and the rest of the "Morning Joe" crew expressed deep skepticism Monday morning that John Kerry's open mic criticism of an Israeli operation in Gaza was really an accident -- with one contributor noting that with Kerry's decades-long history in the spotlight, "he's pretty aware of what a hot mic is."

Lindsey Graham Gives Obama A Title: ‘The King Of Indecision’

1:13 PM 07/20/2014

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham drew a stark contrast between Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggressive actions and President Obama's tepid response on Sunday, claiming "here's a battle of wills between the KGB colonel and the community organizer -- and the colonel is winning."

‘Helluva Pinpoint Operation:’ Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israeli Gaza Op

11:29 AM 07/20/2014

Maybe there's a reason the White House has been keeping John Kerry from Fox News.

Cruz: Obama, Reid Holding Border Children ‘Ransom’ For Immigration Reform

11:08 AM 07/20/2014

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz accused President Obama and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of holding for "ransom" the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children at the border, claiming they are using their plight to push amnesty and their plan for immigration reform.

Kerry Gets Whiny On Fox: ‘You And Others Don’t Ever Want To Give The Obama Administration Credit For Almost Anything’

10:08 AM 07/20/2014

After months of shutting Fox News out of his Sunday show appearances, a downed airliner in Ukraine and an ongoing Israeli invasion of Gaza compelled Secretary of State John Kerry to finally appear on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend. But that didn't mean he had to play nice.

Krauthammer: ‘Disinterested, Detached’ Obama ‘Unwilling To Say The Truth’ About Downed Plane

7:43 PM 07/18/2014

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer bemoaned the "disinterested, detached" response by President Obama to the likely shoot down of a civilian jetliner by Russian or Russian-backed forces in Ukraine, claiming he knows but is "unwilling to say the truth" about who is responsible for the attack.

Fox Dominates Ratings During Thursday’s Breaking News Bonanza

6:53 PM 07/18/2014

It was the breaking news day that just wouldn't quit -- first a Malaysian airliner knocked out of the sky in Ukraine, then an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, even a brief White House lockdown. And on Thursday, Americans turned overwhelmingly to one cable news channel to make sense of the chaos.

PBS’ Charlie Rose Begins Hillary Clinton Interview With Fawning Maya Angelou Poem

4:03 PM 07/18/2014

PBS television journalist Charlie Rose began an interview with Hillary Clinton in the most obsequious way possible, proclaiming her accomplishments and reading aloud a sappy Maya Angelou poem glorifying the former secretary of state.

Sen. Ayotte: U.S. Must ‘Shame’ Europe Into Stronger Sanctions Against Russia

2:24 PM 07/18/2014

New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte said Europe must get on board with tougher economic sanctions against Russia in the wake of the airliner attack in Ukraine -- adding the U.S. should "shame" their European allies if need be.

CNN Pulls Reporter From Gaza Coverage After Calling Israelis Cheering Airstrikes ‘Scum’

11:00 AM 07/18/2014

CNN reporter Diana Magnay was reassigned from coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after calling a group of Israelis cheering their government's bombardment of Hamas targets across the border in Gaza "scum" in a tweet on Thursday, the Huffington Post reports.

‘You’re A Dumbass Aren’t You?’ MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Fooled By Howard Stern Fan

3:37 PM 07/17/2014

Cable news network MSNBC and anchor Krystal Ball both fell for a prank caller Thursday, putting on the air a fake Army Sgt. who claimed he saw the Malaysian plane in Ukraine shot down by "a blast of wind from Howard Stern's ass."

‘Highly Inappropriate’: Fox’s Shepard Smith Scolds State Dept. For Burying News On Downed Plane [VIDEO]

2:03 PM 07/17/2014

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith scolded State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki Thursday for running through her routine press briefing just hours after a civilian airliner was reported shot down over a war zone in eastern Ukraine, calling the move "highly inappropriate."