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Brian Darling
Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation
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      Brian Darling

      Brian Darling is a senior fellow for government studies at The Heritage Foundation. He writes a weekly “Legislative Lowdown” column for The Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter: @BrianHDarling.

Legislative Lowdown: Obama and Romney entering the fourth quarter

3:43 PM 10/20/2012

The clock is winding down on this presidential race, which can’t end soon enough. Americans already feel burned out by the extended nominating and general-election process. It feels like we are in the last minute of an extended football game. One more debate and a few more weeks to go, then the final buzzer will sound --- finally.

Legislative Lowdown: Presidential debates may determine taxpayer’s fate

6:27 PM 09/28/2012

Presidential debates seldom turn an election, yet this year may be different. The race between Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama is close by any measure. Neither side’s voting bloc seems solidified .We may see some swings in the numbers running up to Election Day if either of these candidates has a “Joe Biden moment.”

Legislative Lowdown: Obama driving US off fiscal cliff

3:16 PM 08/24/2012

Are we better off under Obamanomics? Hardly, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reveals. According to the CBO, the federal government will spend $1 trillion more than it takes in this year --- the fourth consecutive year that has happened. Furthermore, CBO projects negative growth and dismal unemployment numbers.

Joe Biden should apologize or resign

6:23 PM 08/17/2012

Vice President Joe Biden’s antics are getting old. His offensive and silly comments were amusing at first, but I don’t think many Americans feel comfortable with Biden being a heartbeat away from the presidency. I met Biden when he was a senator, and I like him personally, but he’s proving to the American people that he is unfit to continue in office.

Legislative Lowdown: Congress finally recesses

11:47 AM 08/03/2012

Congress is scheduled to start a month-long break next week. The purpose of this recess, lawmakers claim, is to spend more time in their districts meeting constituents. Conservatives hope they come back with an appetite to attack the nation’s $16 trillion debt and resist the temptation to raise taxes.

Legislative Lowdown: Obama’s “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” moment

2:28 PM 07/27/2012

President Barack Obama may have abandoned any pretense of President Bill Clinton’s effective triangulation of politics, but he has embraced Clinton’s parsing of words. Remember Clinton’s statement at a deposition during the Monica Lewinsky scandal before a grand jury that “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”? Obama is now using Clinton-speak to run away from his own words.

Legislative Lowdown: The food stamp Senate

11:02 AM 06/15/2012

Some have accused President Obama of being the “food stamp president” because of how much the food stamp program has expanded under his leadership. But he’s not alone. The Senate this week is earning the title the “food stamp Senate” for doing nothing to stop the costs of the program from exploding.