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Ralph Benko & Andresen Blom
Ralph Benko & Andresen Blom
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      Ralph Benko & Andresen Blom

      Ralph Benko, senior adviser for economics to American Principles in Action, served on detail as deputy general counsel to an Executive Office of the President agency under President Reagan and to a Reagan presidential commission. Andresen Blom is the senior strategist for the Center for Civic Virtue, a political and policy strategist, coalition builder and award-winning communicator.

The GOP needs to shake off the superconsultants

The 2012 election was a tremendous setback for the Republican Party. Rather than fighting boldly for free markets and constitutional rights such as religious freedom, the GOP damaged itself with a message (not “messaging”) of banal platitudes. Then the GOP superconsultants misspent their billion dollars on lucrative media, pollsters and second-rate cyber tech. Meanwhile, the Democrats invested heavily in a smart ground game and state-of-the-art technology.