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Online sales tax overwhelmingly passes cloture vote

6:28 PM 04/22/2013

The Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states the mechanism to start collecting taxes for online sales, overwhelmingly passed a Senate cloture vote Monday night, circumventing regular order and drawing concern from a minority of Senators over the end of the debate on the proposal. Seventy four Senators voted in favor of the motion, while 20 dissented.

EBay leverages users to oppose online sales tax legislation

12:55 PM 04/22/2013

In an effort to sway public opinion against pending legislation to pass an online sales tax, eBay president John Donahoe launched an all-out email campaign Sunday morning, leveraging the auction site's nearly 40 million small online merchants to contact Congress on the issue of online sales tax.

Divorce court: Kardashian style

4:10 PM 04/12/2013

Kim Kardashian has sure had one hell of a pregnancy. First, the tabloids have spewed fat jokes right and left about her. Then she was accused of lying about her pregnancy, or at least the due date. And now, her still contractually-bound husband Kris Humphries won't even show up to court to end their marriage.

Fed members wary of continued monetary easing

5:19 PM 04/10/2013

A record of the latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting reveals that some Federal Reserve Board officials have grown more wary of the continued asset buyback program known as quantitative easing.

FHA may receive $943 million taxpayer bailout

1:31 PM 04/10/2013

President Barack Obama accounted for a nearly $1 billion bailout for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the home-mortgage insurance agency that has been floundering for cash since last November, in his budget released Wednesday. Such a bailout would be the first for the agency in its 80-year history.