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Poll: Americans say no to soda and candy taxes

Betsi Fores
The Daily Caller News Foundation

A new poll indicates that Americans would like to eat their junk food in peace and without interference from the government.

Outcry against online sales tax mounts as Senate votes to proceed

12:36 AM 04/25/2013

Critics of the online sales tax proposal ramped up their criticism Wednesday as the Senate prepares to consider the bill.

Online sales tax overwhelmingly passes cloture vote

6:28 PM 04/22/2013

The Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states the mechanism to start collecting taxes for online sales, overwhelmingly passed a Senate cloture vote Monday night, circumventing regular order and drawing concern from a minority of Senators over the end of the debate on the proposal. Seventy four Senators voted in favor of the motion, while 20 dissented.

Analysis: Top 1 percent to pay two thirds of Obama tax hike

5:06 PM 04/22/2013

A new analysis released Monday by the Tax Policy Center finds that President Obama's newest budget proposal will leave the top one percent of earners with two-thirds of the tax increase burden suggested by the administration.

Men’s underwear indicator points to recovering economy

1:35 PM 04/22/2013

During economic downturns, retail sales may slow or even grind to a halt. But the latest data suggests men are buying the bare essentials.

EBay leverages users to oppose online sales tax legislation

12:55 PM 04/22/2013

In an effort to sway public opinion against pending legislation to pass an online sales tax, eBay president John Donahoe launched an all-out email campaign Sunday morning, leveraging the auction site's nearly 40 million small online merchants to contact Congress on the issue of online sales tax.

GAO: Corporations saving $181 billion through tax breaks

2:25 AM 04/17/2013

The federal government continues to forgo more money to corporate tax expenditures, in the form of corporate subsidies and tax loopholes.

Gallup: Fewer Americans see their taxes as fair

1:36 AM 04/16/2013

This Tax Day, most Americans see the income taxes they pay as fair. However, the number is shrinking compared to the year before.

Germany seeks taxes from rich to pay for EU bailouts

1:32 PM 04/15/2013

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being advised to impose new taxes on the rich to pay for the ongoing bailouts to the weaker countries in the Eurozone.

10 reasons John Daly is the man [SLIDESHOW]

10:54 PM 04/13/2013

A colorful character is once again missing from The Master's Tournament.

Divorce court: Kardashian style

4:10 PM 04/12/2013

Kim Kardashian has sure had one hell of a pregnancy. First, the tabloids have spewed fat jokes right and left about her. Then she was accused of lying about her pregnancy, or at least the due date. And now, her still contractually-bound husband Kris Humphries won't even show up to court to end their marriage.

Top 10: Hot golfers [SLIDESHOW]

2:22 PM 04/12/2013

Springtime means golf season ... for some people, anyway.

Retailers gather in Washington to ask Congress for action on online sales tax

3:19 PM 04/11/2013

A coalition of brick and mortar retail store owners gathered in Washington, D.C. Thursday asking Congress for action on online sales tax.

The weirdest things you can buy on Etsy [SLIDESHOW]

2:28 AM 04/11/2013

We all know that the Internet is a place for trolls of the world to unite, congregate and write unseemly things in comment sections of forums.

Fed members wary of continued monetary easing

5:19 PM 04/10/2013

A record of the latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting reveals that some Federal Reserve Board officials have grown more wary of the continued asset buyback program known as quantitative easing.

FHA may receive $943 million taxpayer bailout

1:31 PM 04/10/2013

President Barack Obama accounted for a nearly $1 billion bailout for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the home-mortgage insurance agency that has been floundering for cash since last November, in his budget released Wednesday. Such a bailout would be the first for the agency in its 80-year history.

The dos and don’ts of pregnancy style: Kim Kardashian vs. Kate Middleton [SLIDESHOW]

10:24 AM 04/10/2013

The media is all abuzz with Kim Kardashian's pregnancy these days: she fat? Should she really be wearing leather pants while pregnant? What is that cape-like thing she wore the other week? Is she lying about her delivery date? Is she lying about her pregnancy? Why did she wear that dress that made people compare her to an orca whale?

What if America’s pastime weren’t baseball? [SLIDESHOW]

10:36 PM 04/09/2013

Baseball season is in full swing -- literally. And since it's America's pastime, everyone is required to love baseball.

Remaining 2013 Blue Angels tour canceled due to sequester cuts

3:29 PM 04/09/2013

As the full impact of the federal budget cuts from the sequester continue to roll out, Americans are learning that the Navy's Blue Angels may be skipping their city this year.

St. Louis Fed president: ‘I’d be willing to scale back on QE’

2:09 PM 04/09/2013

Despite a substandard jobs report from last Friday, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard thinks it might be time to scale back the central bank's asset purchasing program known as quantitative easing.