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GOP governors get results despite Washington dysfunction

Gov. Bobby Jindal
Louisiana Governor
Govs. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker in May 2012. Darren Hauck/Getty Images.

To the American people, the drama in Washington is getting old. It was interesting the first forty times, but it's not interesting anymore, it just points to failure.

Now more than ever, we need to put students first

3:44 PM 11/29/2012

With a solid transcript chock full of A’s and B’s, a New Orleans area high school student was not only set for graduation in 2003, but prepared to be honored as the school’s valedictorian. But there was a problem. Despite five attempts at the Graduate Exit Exam, she hadn’t passed. The same student scored an 11 on the ACT, putting her in the bottom one percent of all test takers.