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Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS is a Denver based retina surgeon, working both in private practice and academics, including several years in another country with nationalized healthcare. He is a recent graduate of a master’s degree program in healthcare leadership from the University of Denver, and an advocate for smaller, more efficient government.

Joondeph has practiced for 23 years as a retina surgeon, working both in private practice and academics, including several years in another country with nationalized health care.

Trump’s Missed Opportunity On Drug Pricing

op-ed | Brian Joondeph
He misses one of the big elephants in the room

American Military Recruits Are Getting Too Fat To Fight

op-ed | Brian Joondeph
Instead of Rambo, we have Michael Moore in camo fatigues

DON'T TELL BERNIE: Socialized Medicine Crashes And Burns Again

op-ed | Brian Joondeph
There's no such thing as a free lunch. Or free healthcare

Happy Obamacare To All And To All A Good Night

op-ed | Brian Joondeph
Obamacare is still out there and in need of euthanasia

After Failing To Repeal Obamacare, Will Single-Payer Be Next?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Entitlements and bureaucracies are never repealed.

GOP Snoozes And Loses

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
If Republicans can't get anything done, Trump will work with Democrats.

Is The Trump-Russia Collusion Fantasy Driving US Foreign Policy?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Resurrecting the Cold War is a foolish path to take over partisan squabbles.

Waiting And Waiting For Medical Care In Canada

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
If Congress doesn't act, Americans will suffer the same fate.

The Progressive Argument For Obamacare Repeal

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Obamacare is in a death spiral. We need a sustainable system.

What Trump Could Have Said About The Comey Firing

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
The president needs to navigate a hostile media environment.

No Mr. Pence, "Rebuilding the Military" Was Not Trump's Number One Priority

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Force Congress to respect the will of the voters rather than that of the donor class.

Media Coverage Of Sexual Indiscretion: Let's Play "Guess The Political Party"

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
The media eagerly reports scandals of Republicans while burying equivalent news about Democrats.

The Essential Question Needing An Answer Before Healthcare Can Be Reformed

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
We currently get the worst of both systems – bureaucracy and high cost.

The Missing Piece From Trump's Immigration Reform

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Congress needs to reap the misery of their legislation.

Did the Russians Leak Trump's P---y Tape?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Why is one story getting all the attention and other ones are being ignored?

The Tortured Logic Of The #NeverTrumpers

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
They don’t want a Clinton presidency, so they say, but at the same time won’t support the only method of preventing that outcome.

Judges Can Belong To La Raza But Not The Boy Scouts

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Beyond the initial hype, Donald Trump makes a legitimate point about judicial bias and impartiality.

Trump Playing Chess With Colorado GOP

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Sacrifice the Colorado pawn for the Northeast queen a few moves later.

Does The First Amendment Only Apply To The Left?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Don’t like what Trump says? Then don’t listen and don’t assemble. But leave everyone else alone.

Mitch McConnell's Last Stand

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
This Supreme Court vacancy may be the last chance for the GOP as an opposition party.

Obamacare Continues To Circle The Drain

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Chaos and confusion. Predictable? Yes. Intentional? Probably. What’s the end game? Single payer.

Single Payer In Colorado? Learn From Vermont

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Since healthcare costs are already part of the existing budget, ColoradoCare wouldn’t exactly double the budget, but would come close.

Remember The 2007 Harvard Study Showing More Guns Led To Less Crime?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Lawmakers need to understand the consequences of their knee-jerk legislation

When Big Business And Healthcare Collide: Behind The Daraprim Controversy

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Medicare happily pays the price set by big pharma. And in turn, big pharma then pays former Congressmen turned lobbyists.

Refugees, Or Invaders?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
ISIS is already present in all 50 states according to the FBI Director.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Versus Global Warming Alarmists

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
It seems global warming only exists in the world of computer models.

Republican Establishment Playing A Dangerous Game Attacking Trump

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
The Republican establishment has itself to blame for Donald Trump. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Tom Brady Calling Signals From The Clinton Playbook

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Unfortunately for him, the suspension stands.

Trump Is Defying Conventional Wisdom

Video | Brian Joondeph
Would Trump capitulate like the Republican Congress in the face of Obama’s executive orders? Not a chance.

Of Bridge And Presidential Politics

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
Five political and business 'Notrumps' line up against the Donald

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