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      Brian Joondeph

      Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS is a Denver based retina surgeon, working both in private practice and academics, including several years in another country with nationalized healthcare. He is a recent graduate of a master's degree program in healthcare leadership from the University of Denver, and an advocate for smaller, more efficient government.

      Joondeph has practiced for 23 years as a retina surgeon, working both in private practice and academics, including several years in another country with nationalized health care.

Is Aspen Really Melting? The EPA Thinks So

5:07 PM 01/30/2015

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director Gina McCarthy attended the Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado last week. No she wasn’t in the half pipe competition, but instead was in Aspen, “To meet with some of our country’s top pro snowboarders and the businesses that support them to hear how they are taking action on climate.” In a blog post on the EPA website this week, she wondered “if there’s going to be enough snow for some of their biggest competitions.”

The Ferguson Story If The Mainstream Media Had Its Way

11:48 AM 12/04/2014

How would the events surrounding the Ferguson shooting have been reported without an alternative media? Suppose Fox News, talk radio, and blogs were shut down due to the Fairness Doctrine. There may have been a different story line if the mainstream media had their way without challenge or transparency. Here is how the Ferguson story might have been reported:

The Math Of An Ebola Epidemic, And Why The Administration’s Isn’t Adding Up

2:53 PM 10/17/2014

Most students either love or hate math. I fall in the former category, because love it or hate it, it is one of those subjects that is absolute. While there are many wrong answers there only one correct one. Math is not subject to interpretation and does not bend to the winds of political correctness. Numbers do not regard race, religion, gender, or sexual preference.

Play Football, Not Politics

10:13 AM 09/15/2014

Thursday night NFL football is a welcome respite from the toil of the work week and from the politics of the 24-hour news shows. A chance to watch a modern day version of ancient gladiators engaged in physical battle to the cheers of a stadium full of supporters. Many fans played football as kids, quitting the game as the players grew in size and skill, until the cream rose to the top in the NFL. Watching the best do battle on Monday or Thursday night or Sunday is eagerly anticipated by millions of football fans eager for a few hours of escape to a form of fantasyland where they can embrace a passion and exuberance that is frowned upon in other areas of their lives.

Police Militarization Is The Only Abuse Of Power The Left Seems To Care About

12:08 PM 08/20/2014

Ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri have raised the issue of the militarization of the police. The Department of Defense distributes surplus military equipment to U.S. police departments. In 2013, nearly half a billion dollars of equipment was distributed, ranging from pistols and rifles to armored personnel carriers used in Iraq and Afghanistan. This trend is well outlined in Radley Balko's recent book, Rise of the Warrior Cop. While on the surface this is a disturbing trend, there are other aspects to police militarization that are worth discussing.

Ebola: Are We Being Told Everything?

4:25 PM 08/04/2014

American physician Dr. Kent Brantly, infected with the Ebola virus, recently returned to the United States for treatment. While he is improving, according to the director of the Centers of Disease control Dr. Tom Frieden, it is too soon to know whether he will survive this devastating infection. Nancy Writebol, a coworker of Dr. Brantly, also infected with Ebola, will be transported to the U.S. later this week. Should we be worried? Is this a real life version of the new TV series "The Strain"?

New Regulations Force Doctors To Choose Between Expensive Medicine And More Visits

11:24 AM 07/11/2014

We rely on the FDA to protect public health "by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security” of medical drugs and devices. The FDA takes its marching orders from Congress via the legislative process. One such law is the Compounding Quality Act of 2013, passed in response to a series of fatal infections due to improper compounding pharmacy processes. While such oversight is important and well meaning, the unintended consequences may be profound.

Healthcare Workers Facing Arrest For Speaking Out

12:02 PM 07/02/2014

Our southern border is leaking like a sieve, with immigrants illegally entering the U.S. from Mexico, Central America, and who knows where. Along with the huddled masses of refugees comes a host of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, scabies, hepatitis, and chicken pox. The public health implications are staggering as these refugees, along with their diseases, are being sent all over the country, where they can share their pathogens with everyone they come in contact with. Does anyone remember the flu pandemic from almost 100 years ago where 50 million people died, including 675,000 in the U.S?

French Foreign Minister Cries Wolf About Climate Change: ’500 Days’

1:11 PM 05/15/2014

Secretary of State John Kerry met with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius this week to discuss economic issues. In joint remarks prior to their meeting, one might expect to hear about pressing world economic concerns such as national debt, inflation, or unemployment. Instead the first comment from the French Foreign Minister was about climate change. In French, undoubtedly for the benefit of the French-speaking Mr. Kerry, the Fabius told the gathering, “We have 500 days to avoid the climate chaos.”

VA Wait Lists — A Preview of Coming Attractions

6:14 PM 05/08/2014

A Veterans Administration hospital in Fort Collins Colorado, it was recently revealed, falsified its wait times for outpatient clinic appointments. In order to appear to meet the goal of clinic appointments within 14 days, the hospital taught its clerks how to falsify the appointment records to create the illusion that the appointment goals were being met. Many of the 6,300 veterans treated at this clinic actually waited months for their appointments. Yet the clinic clerks were required to “cook the books” else they were punished by being placed on a “bad boy list.” Aside from the moral outrage of treating our veterans in such a callous manner, this episode provides a glimpse of coming attractions for health care delivery in the US.

Behind the 7.1 million Obamacare sign-ups

10:37 AM 04/04/2014

President Obama gloated over the administration's figure that 7.1 million individuals enrolled in Obamacare. Time described his speech as, “A celebratory turn before the cameras.” Remember when the media last swooned over premature presidential comments? How about President George W Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech ten years ago?