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Brian Kelly
Assistant Editor, The New Criterion
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      Brian Kelly

      Brian Kelly is a freelance writer, the Assistant Editor at The New Criterion, and a recent graduate of Brown University.

What was missing from Monday night’s debate

11:49 PM 10/23/2012

Obama may have won Monday night's debate, but in terms of substance neither candidate had much to offer. While economic and social issues have been a source of aggressive contention throughout the race, both men were in agreement on just about everything related to foreign policy, from drones to Israel. This is largely the consequence of the bipartisan foreign policy consensus that has existed for decades. And yet a number of important countries and major foreign policy issues weren’t discussed Monday night. Here are a few of the biggest:

The truth about presidential debates

8:26 PM 10/02/2012

Often when people talk about the lack of transparency in modern presidential campaigns, they focus on Citizens United, candidates' unspecific answers, or biased media coverage. However, with barely a month until the election, the results of some of the most egregious backroom deal-making, political theater, and corporate sponsorship will soon be visible to a largely unknowing public. And just what is this terrible miscarriage of democracy that is astoundingly hidden in plain sight? Surprisingly, it’s the upcoming presidential debates.

The Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers

10:00 AM 07/31/2012

Last week marked the two-year anniversary of WikiLeaks’ publication of the Afghan War Diary. The anniversary is a reminder of the Obama administration’s systematic silencing and prosecution of whistleblowers and leakers who have pointed out the federal government’s failures.