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William McGowan
Author, Gray Lady Down
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      William McGowan

      William McGowan is the author of Gray Lady Down: What the Decline and Fall of The New York Times Means for America.

Broken promises: The 1965 immigration reform and The New York Times

“Whites account for under half of births in U.S.,” read the headline of a recent New York Times story by reporter Sabrina Tavernise. In the piece, Tavernise quotes a Brookings Institution demographer who says that the new Census Bureau data herald a “tipping point” from a “mostly white baby boomer culture to the more globalized multiethnic country that we are becoming.” This trend had been building for years, Tavernise adds somewhat offhandedly, “the result of the large wave of immigration here over the past three decades.”

Mr. Keller’s planet

5:29 PM 05/09/2012

Back when he was the executive editor of The New York Times, Bill Keller said he didn’t want his Sunday Magazine column to become the “editor’s pulpit,” overly absorbed in journalistic issues. But he certainly gave a preacherly blast to Fox News on the op-ed page last Sunday, calling it Rupert Murdoch’s most “toxic legacy.”