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Bill Regardie
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Udder Alles

4:49 PM 03/06/2015

Headhunters have always played a big role in American business. But none more so than Harry "The Head” Bernstein when he had his greatest idea. Spring skiing and Colorado weed will do that to you. He took one more double black down to his $5 million condo, Googled his targets and started to giggle. This was going to be fun and, hopefully, the biggest kill of his career.

They’re Practically Giving Away Europe

11:19 AM 01/26/2015

The grand hotels of Europe are suddenly doing their part to help the European Central Bank (ECB) to pull the Common Market out of its lethargy. Consider the call I got this morning from one the legendary concierges of Europe.

The Leeches Of Wall Street

10:56 AM 01/08/2015

Last year was a wonderful year for the kids playing Wall Streets biggest game. Some $3.5 trillion of deals were closed, the most since 2007. Cheap money and corporate desire to show aggressiveness were two of the big factors.

Cable Is So Yesterday

12:12 PM 12/29/2014

I have a young friend, Freddy, my lawyer’s son. He’s a rising star at a TV network with the challenging assignment -- to corral the millenials; i.e., the kids born after 1990. While I don’t profess to know much about this market segment – heck, most of my suits are older than them – I’ve always been fascinated by changing demographics.

What To Get The Wife For Christmas: An Oil Well

12:03 PM 12/05/2014

“Mr. Gooseball, Greg Shuttlecock, here. With Great American Fracking. We spoke June 17th when you responded to our radio spots on CBIZ for investment opportunities. To quote you then: ‘Maybe later. Thank you. Don’t bother me. Good bye!’ Did I get that right?”

Praise The Lord And Fill The Casino Buses

3:45 PM 11/14/2014

It used to be that the way to the top of casino management was by starting on the floor and rising through the pits. “You gotta learn to smell the money, to feel the pigeons,” as one old pro said.

The Hedge Fund Guarantee Corp

10:14 AM 11/07/2014

You know times are bad when you see a former hedge fund manager standing on a street corner of a tony Connecticut town offering to work -- any job -- for low seven figures.

What the GOP should be smoking

3:18 PM 12/04/2012

Following President Obama’s landslide victory over the “unbeatable” Mitt Romney, even the old toadies that mastermind the GOP need to understand that the times they have a-changed, as the old song goes. And the easiest way to get the White House back is to start with kids, many of whom will be voting in 2016 for the first time.

Budget deadline good for some

12:33 PM 08/03/2011

Last week in Washington, New York and the rest of the financial world, the build-up to America’s budget battle deadline was like the wait for the start of the bombing of Baghdad. The story sucked the air out of everyone and everything.

A Washington goat roast

8:55 AM 07/18/2011

Until about 20 years ago, local companies and large egos ruled Washington business. Times were good and there were lots of laughs.

The big money in Washington these days

11:14 AM 07/11/2011

Though lobbying may employ more big guns, the big money in Washington these days is in investment banking. After all, not even Tommy Boggs could pull off a billion-dollar public offering.

One-trick Jimmy

10:43 PM 05/25/2011

I was having lunch at the Palm in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia the other day when Jimmy Yoo walked in. It was like seeing a ghost, a legend I had once written about.

Second-grade traders

8:27 AM 05/18/2011

When my son asked if I would like to attend presentation day for his son’s second-grade finance class, I immediately canceled a golf game at Burning Tree. Earlier in the school year, I had served as a judge at their portfolio competition and couldn’t wait to see the little moguls again.

Hotel lobbies go way upscale

8:37 PM 04/26/2011

The hottest profit center in upscale hotels today is the lobby lounge. No longer just a place for a casual drink, or a place to meet friends, it’s become essentially a 24-hour cash generator as hotels in the Far East have long known.

Country club wars

7:07 PM 04/19/2011

My wife and I were recently invited to spend the weekend at one of those fancy golf communities in South Florida. Instead of finding tranquility, we found a war zone.

China to the rescue

1:05 PM 04/15/2011

Late last year, when the Bank of China made an $800 million real estate loan to refinance a major Park Avenue office building, I didn’t think much of it. To me, it was just the latest invasion of foreign money coming after America’s trophy properties. Going back 30 years ago, it was the British, the Dutch and then the Japanese swooping in to buy cheap only to get their asses handed back to them a few years later.

Wrong Way Star

9:01 AM 04/06/2011

While Gordon Gecko’s Wall Street may be Hollywood fiction, the best story in New York now is Galleon Group hedge fund founder and billionaire Raj Rajaratnam as he fights for his freedom in the trial of the century. In case you haven’t been following the case, he’s accused of making hundreds of millions of dollars from insider trading.