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These bunnies totally glow in the dark [VIDEO]

American cowboys used to steep rabbit droppings in hot water and then drink this popular concoction to cure their hangovers back in the old wild, wild west days.

Shark week jumps itself with Sharknado-esque mockumentary [VIDEO]

4:39 PM 08/06/2013

This is why you pay your bar tab and don’t skip out on it [VIDEO]

2:18 PM 08/06/2013

Kim Kardashian wants privacy, tweets selfie [VIDEO]

5:00 PM 06/07/2013
Unclear if she was being filmed for reality TV at the time

‘World Nutella Day’ may be canceled after cease and desist letter [VIDEO]

2:54 PM 05/20/2013
'World Nutella Day' may be canceled after cease and desist letter [VIDEO]

Bacon restaurant closed for smelling too much like bacon [VIDEO]

4:30 PM 05/17/2013
The ultimate crime?

20 years of cats, porn, Facebook and Gangnam style

5:21 PM 04/30/2013

Royal wedding photos in the medium of ‘Barbie’ [VIDEO]

1:50 PM 04/29/2013

Kate Middleton is keeping up with the Kardashians

5:28 PM 04/12/2013

‘Go The F–k to Sleep’ book gets movie adaptation

5:21 PM 04/12/2013

Extreme Kidnapping, the new extreme sport for adrenaline junkines [VIDEO]

2:54 PM 04/08/2013

Woman arrested after throwing boss surprise party [VIDEO]

3:39 PM 03/29/2013

Maker’s Mark apologizes, will not dilute whiskey [VIDEO]

7:51 AM 02/19/2013

Spark up a doobie [VIDEO]

7:40 AM 02/19/2013

Taylor Swift’s rumored secret breast implant surgery [VIDEO]

2:01 PM 01/17/2013

The Simpsons nab an Oscar nomination [VIDEO]

3:20 PM 01/10/2013

‘SkinnyGirl’ breaks down about divorce on Ellen [VIDEO]

11:22 AM 01/10/2013

Comedy troupe whips up ’50 Shades’ musical [VIDEO]

3:08 PM 01/07/2013

Drunk female football fans interrupt reporter’s live report [VIDEO]

12:33 PM 01/07/2013