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Bruce Walker
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Pull the plug on SOPA/PIPA

As we have seen often in movies and books about organized crime, mobsters will rub out anyone perceived as a threat to profitability. So, apparently, will the recording and motion picture industries, which are supporting congressional efforts to “disappear” entire domain name systems or websites that may or may not violate copyright laws. Their weapons: the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act and the Senate’s Protect IP Act.

The government should let the AT&T merger go forward

9:50 PM 09/05/2011

Last week, the White House commanded the Department of Justice to scuttle a deal that would’ve combined two wireless carriers — fourth-place T-Mobile and second-place AT&T — and catapulted the merged companies into first place above Verizon. Washington, it seems, hates a winner. Or likes one that’s already winning. Or something.