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Kanye and Kim’s wedding proposal and the decline of ‘elite values’

Charlotte Hays
Director of Cultural Programs, Independent Women's Forum
U.S. musician Kanye West (L) and companion Kim Kardashian arrive at the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2014 women's ready-to-wear fashion show during Paris Fashion Week September 29, 2013. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Be thankful for small blessings. When reality TV star Kim Kardashian marries hip hop recording artist Kanye West, she won’t be wearing the now de rigueur designer bridal gown with room for the baby bump.

VAWA advice for members of Congress

3:58 PM 02/20/2013

The Senate’s overwhelming vote of 78 to 22 to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act last Tuesday shows the power of picking a good — if propagandistic — name.

Stiletto Nation: A tale of two sisters

9:20 AM 11/17/2010

An old friend of mine recently concluded an email by noting that The Social Network, the Aaron Sorkin movie about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “really makes you aware of how much good luck and timing are involved with great inventions and great fortunes.”

Stiletto Nation: Don’t tell Nancy

9:52 AM 11/10/2010

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to have to be dynamited out of the leadership of her party.

Stiletto Nation: first ladies and the campaign trail

9:56 AM 10/13/2010

First Lady Michelle Obama is venturing out onto the campaign trail to shore up embattled Democratic candidates. Apparently, Lady Macbeth wasn’t available.