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Carole Hornsby Haynes
Carole Hornsby Haynes
Education Analyst
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      Carole Hornsby Haynes

      Dr. Carole Hornsby Haynes earned her doctorate in Professional Education with a minor in history from the University of Memphis.

      At the undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. Haynes majored in music with advanced classical piano studies at the University of Memphis and Rhodes College with Artur Schnabel’s protege.

      Carole has taught at both the secondary and university levels and served in administration at the junior college level.

      She serves on textbook committees and as expert reviewer for the Texas State Board of Education Fine Arts Curriculum.

      An acclaimed expert on American education, Dr. Haynes is a consultant, commentator, and writer about education and cultural policy.

      Her commentaries can be found at National Center for Policy Analysis, Education Views, Texas Insider, and American Thinker, among others as well as at her website,

Social Media: A Dictator’s Paradise

11:50 PM 08/24/2017

One of the greatest challenges for dictators has been obtaining detailed personal information about residents so they can be tracked anywhere, any time.  This is especially daunting for large countries such as China and the former Soviet Union.  Now, with advanced technology, that totalitarian goal is possible.

Dallas Police Exiting in Droves… Will There Be A National Force?

6:29 PM 07/12/2016

On the evening of July 7 following the Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, Texas, a coordinated attack killed five police officers and wounded seven others. The gunman, Micah Johnson, was a black military veteran with radical left leanings who said his goal was to kill white officers.

New K-12 Law’s Heavy Handiness In Testing Sparks More Public Outrage

12:36 PM 06/01/2016

Congress replaced No Child Left Behind with Every Student Succeeds Act, promising to return control to the states. However, with the federal government loath to give up power over telling states and districts what they must do, there are signals that we can expect a showdown as states begin the implementation of ESSA.  

Will Texas End Federal Control Over Education?

11:00 AM 05/23/2016

Texas is leading the charge against the Obama administration’s May 13th directive that transgender students must be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice or face the loss of federal funding under Title IX. Put simply, the federal government will withhold funding for breakfast and lunch programs for poor children if this directive is not followed.