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Making a federal case out of cat care

Clark Neily
Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice

Ernest Hemingway’s house on Key West is now a museum where descendants of his famous six-toed cat, Snowball, roam the grounds. The federal government has tried to put the kibosh on these free-range felines, and the question is whether it has the authority to do so. Casting aside the Framers’ plan for limited government, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently said yes.

In Texas, a victory for freedom and horses

12:31 PM 11/11/2010

In a resounding victory for economic liberty, horse teeth floaters are back at work in the Lone Star State after beating back a four-year campaign by state-licensed veterinarians and the state vet board to put them out of business.

Going Rogue: The Texas Vet Board’s war on horse owners and entrepreneurs in the Lone Star State

9:29 AM 08/31/2010

Mired in debt and facing a jobless recovery, America’s future rests on the shoulders of the small businesses and entrepreneurs who have always been the primary engine of the nation’s economy.