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Cathy Reisenwitz
Cathy Reisenwitz
Associate, Young Voices
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      Cathy Reisenwitz

      Cathy Reisenwitz is an Associate at Young Voices, which provides media outlets around the world with access to the next generation's advocates. Cathy Reisenwitz writes for Doublethink magazine and Thoughts on Liberty. Her writing has appeared on Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist and the Individualist Feminist.

New Amnesty International report calls for legalizing sex work

1:12 PM 01/31/2014

It just couldn’t be clearer. “Amnesty International is opposed to the criminalization or punishment of activities related to the buying or selling of consensual sex between adults.” Thus begins a recently leaked document from the famed human rights organization calling for an end to prohibitions on sex work. Ironically perhaps, the most important, and controversial portion of this document may be the definitions section.

Police brutality in America: These are not isolated incidents

6:54 PM 08/28/2013

Just last week, several police officers in Stockton, California beat a mentally disturbed man during an arrest, one officer putting a knee on his head and another pulling him by his braids. Earlier this month a police officer beat an Iowa shoplifter so brutally that she was carried to the hospital in a stretcher and left her with sustained vision impairment. The beating happened in front of her daughter. The Minneapolis Police Department is currently facing 61 lawsuits regarding allegations that officers used excessive force that led to injuries.