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What California can learn from Greece’s fiscal collapse

Carrie Sheffield
              Riot Police buses patrol the streets of the city during the inauguration of the annual Thessaloniki International Trade Fair Saturday Sept. 7, 2013. Labor unions are planing a series of weekend demonstrations in the country's second largest city, demanding a reversal of minimum wage cuts imposed in the bailed out country last year. The Greek government is facing confrontation with unions over plans to begin mass firings and forced transfers of public sector workers. (AP Photo/Nikolas Giakoumidis)

Surprisingly, Golden Staters should take a cue from the Greeks. While Greece is scaling back its anachronistic benefits for public sector workers, California policymakers are poised to adopt an eventual $10/hour minimum wage — the highest in the country. While Greece is hardly the model for fiscal discipline, this recent belt-tightening is a step forward. If only leaders in another temperate, coastal paradise would follow suit.

NOW is right: Eliot Spitzer is unfit for office

12:33 PM 07/19/2013

As a right-leaning, pro-life woman, there are plenty of things I disagree with today’s activist feminists on. But I applaud them for taking a stand against Eliot Spitzer returning to public office, a man whose character disqualifies him from the public's trust. Repeatedly soliciting prostitutes while publicly campaigning against sex trafficking and prostitution in his public life as governor calls into question every future public act he would undertake.

Time for a secular right

3:28 PM 12/04/2012

As the GOP emerges from the woodshed and acknowledges its shortcomings, the center-right movement must address an important trend: America’s secularization.

Sarah Palin draws crowd of thousands at Tea Party rally in Boston

12:46 PM 04/14/2010

Protesting President Obama’s economic policies, about 5,000 Tea Party activists rallied at Boston's central park to demand fiscal restraint from Washington.

Russia at the crossroads

12:00 AM 03/30/2010

MOSCOW—Still emerging from a battering during the global financial crisis, Russia’s path can lead to either anti-corruption reforms or a continuation of flawed policies that hamper its development.

EMILY’s List reexamines strategy and mission in wake of Democratic loss in Massachusetts

12:01 AM 01/23/2010

EMILY’s List, one of many progressive activist groups recovering from Tuesday’s coup for Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts special Senate election, has left some Democrats questioning the group’s coordination with candidates and its narrow focus on pro-choice women.

Brown supporters thrilled at their candidate’s victory, as Coakley crowd hangs its head

2:20 AM 01/20/2010

Red, white and blue balloons and confetti tumbled down over a jubilant crowd reveling in the victorious upset campaign run by Republican Scott Brown in a special Senate election.

Barack Obama summons the spirit of Ted Kennedy and lashes out at Republicans at rally for Martha Coakley

5:58 PM 01/17/2010

President Barack Obama today summoned the spirit of the late Ted Kennedy and railed against his predecessor in the White House at a rally for supporters of Democrat Martha Coakley in Boston. On Tuesday, Coakley will stand against Republican Scott Brown in a special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat previously held by Kennedy.