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Cliff Sims
Cliff Sims
Founder and CEO, Yellowhammer Strategies
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      Cliff Sims

      Cliff Sims is the founder and CEO of Yellowhammer Strategies, a communications consulting firm, and publisher of, Alabama’s leading conservative political blog.

Gov. Haley, please give us Tim Scott

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint surprised everyone last week when he announced his decision to resign from the Senate and become The Heritage Foundation’s new president. While it's never good to lose a solid conservative vote in the Senate, I think it's great that President Reagan's favorite D.C. policy shop will now be run by such a prominent conservative.

The Israelis are following in MLK’s footsteps

12:50 PM 01/16/2012

For 10 days this January, I had the privilege of traveling with a group of students on an educational, cultural and political trip to Israel. The Jewish National Fund organized the trip with the goal of showing the truth about Israel to the next generation of leaders in the United States.

What Mitt Romney could learn from the 2010 Iron Bowl

11:12 AM 12/07/2011

If you were to have walked around the University of Alabama's campus earlier this year, there is a good chance you would have at some point seen a poster with the words “NEVER AGAIN” shouting at you in bold block letters. Nothing else needed to be said. Everyone on campus — everyone in the state — knew what it meant.

What was missing from last night’s GOP debate

11:19 AM 11/23/2011

Tuesday night’s CNN debate offered Republican presidential contenders the opportunity to prove they are ready to navigate the murky waters of international affairs. The primary season’s twelfth debate focused entirely on national security and quickly set a tone that was in stark contrast to the “rah-rah” atmosphere of the previous debates. The crowd of Washington insiders and think tank employees offered a much more subdued response to the candidates than the primary voters who have been filling the debate halls to this point. But boisterous crowd reactions were not the only things missing from Tuesday night’s debate. There were also some notable geographic and political voids in the debate’s content:

Obama is buying votes on the taxpayers’ dime

1:31 PM 10/26/2011

It is now officially time to put to bed the half-witted rumblings of Obama potentially not seeking re-election. His new home loan refinance plan is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to buy votes in Florida and Nevada --- two states that will be major battlegrounds in the 2012 presidential race.

Cain needs to confound expectations on foreign policy

12:14 PM 10/20/2011

A new Gallup poll shows Republicans' intensely positive views of Herman Cain remain high even as his name recognition continues to rise. Outside of his campaign’s comparatively weak organization and lack of fundraising, he is having an impressive if not surprising run.

My generation’s fight for freedom won’t be in a foreign land

4:27 PM 10/10/2011

We are now entering the fourth week of our “occupation” by the bizarre bundle of contradictions that is Occupy Wall Street: the anarchists who want total government control, the anti-capitalists with an affinity for the newest tech gadgets, the populists with union backing and a Manhattan PR firm. As their efforts coalesced in cities across the United States under the banner “Occupy Together,” hilarity ensued, confusion spread, and in some cases violence escalated. Americans are scratching their heads trying to make sense of the whole thing.

Lawrence O’Donnell embarrasses himself, again

11:28 AM 10/07/2011

Lawrence O’Donnell has hit a new low. Indeed, the man who can sit next to Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz and somehow still appear to be the crazy one in the room further discredited himself Thursday night during an interview with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

GOP candidates should counter Obama’s rhetoric with specifics

1:00 PM 10/06/2011

President Obama’s 2008 campaign may have been the least “specifics oriented” presidential campaign in modern history. Obama did a masterful job of parlaying the frustration of the American people into a near-flawless campaign based on very little actual policy. “Hope and change” summed up exactly what the American people wanted in 2008 and they gave him a chance to deliver it. He has failed in spectacular fashion.