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Cliff Smith, a native of Seattle, has worked on Capitol Hill and in various other political and policy-focused capacities. He holds an MPP with a focus on international relations from Pepperdine University and a JD with a focus on international law from The Catholic University of America.

'You And What Army?' How The Obama Administration Strongarms Congress

Opinion | Cliff Smith
FOIA requests are replacing congressional oversight as our main investigative tool. Here's why that's troubling.

Obama To Iraqi Christians, U.S. Allies: 'You're On Your Own'

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The administration asks to repeal the AUMF as civilians are being murdered in Iraq.

Iowa's Joni Ernst: The Next Rubio?

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The obscure state legislator with a hot pig-castrating ad rockets to the top of the polls.

Return Of A Cold Warrior

Opinion | Cliff Smith
Dan Coats' foreign policy statesmanship

Obama, Putin, and the 'what if' of Ukraine

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The president's weak foreign policy set the stage for losing the Crimean standoff.

Farewell, Frank Wolf

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The retiring congressmen has been a tireless champion for human rights.

Dethroning a warped, frustrated old man: Senate battle '14

Opinion | Cliff Smith
Republicans need to win just one seat where they're not currently favored.

How Obama has disarmed his most potent weapon in the Syria conflict

Opinion | Cliff Smith
Domestic energy production could undermine the oil-rich countries supporting Assad.

Dictatorships and double standards, redux

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The Obama administration's foreign policy would have given Jeane Kirkpatrick a conniption.

Why we need Tom Cotton

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The American people need strong leaders to tell them when they're wrong.

Gentlemen, Scholars ... and Politicians?

Opinion | Cliff Smith
Why veteran conservative writer Quin Hillyer belongs in congress.

Why are 131 congressmen being fooled by Iran's new president?

Opinion | Cliff Smith
Rouhani is far from a moderate, and isn't sovereign anyway.

Homeland Security needs a placekicker

Opinion | Cliff Smith
Ray Kelly would be a solid, nonpolitical pick, unlike his predecessor.

Recent flaps highlight Obama's lack of a strategic foreign policy vision

Opinion | Cliff Smith
The president and his advisers don't seem to have a grand strategy.

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