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      Caleb Stephen

      Caleb Stephen is a widely-published Christian freelance journalist, independent commentator, political activist and the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Caleb Report ( ).

Hillary Clinton Spearheads War On Men

3:27 PM 02/08/2017

In a new video produced ahead of the 2017 Makers Conference - an invitation-only feminist leadership retreat held in California - Hillary Clinton boosted the feminist movement with a rallying call for girls and women to be "the glass-ceiling breakers of the future."

Multiculturalism Is The Problem, Not The Solution

12:00 PM 01/18/2017

In 2011, the then British Prime Minister David Cameron shocked Europe’s elites when he declared that multiculturalism had failed in Britain. The idea that all cultures are equal and that they can happily coexist in one country is preposterous. It just doesn't work.

Obama Wants To Accomplish What Hillary Clinton Miserably Failed To Do

2:05 PM 12/30/2016

One of Hillary's most 'notable' items on her wish list during the 2016 presidential election campaign was to start a nuclear war with Russia. Yes, a nuclear war. In case your memory fails you, let me remind you that during her campaign, she pushed for no-fly zones in Syria which would most certainly have caused a war with Russia, if implemented and enforced.

Facebook Fights “Fake News” With Real Fake News

1:25 PM 12/16/2016

In the latest news on the fake news war -- a blatant attack on free speech and independent, alternative media -- Facebook announced on Thursday that they're going to start fact checking, labelling, and burying fake news and hoaxes in the News Feed.