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Christopher Bedford
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      Christopher Bedford

      Christopher Bedford is a senior editor of The Daily Caller, where he writes a column on politics, culture and good cheer.

BEDFORD: How Obamacare Hurt Us, Personally

10:13 PM 11/14/2014

On Thursday, The Daily Caller had a rare mandatory staff meeting. We were in a good mood. We'd just returned from the shooting range, where I'd managed to jam an AK-47 three times because I'm from Massachusetts. But the meeting was about that Obamacare, and the mood went from jubilant to about as dour as its been in this office for a long time.

Harry Reid’s New Enemy

10:42 AM 09/12/2014

This week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unleashed his most cynical attack to date on private Americans who dare involve themselves in politics: Democrats brought to the floor a constitutional amendment to give the government the power to censor what it deems reasonable political speech.

Kevin McCarthy Can Give Republicans Another Tool To Retake The Senate (And It Would Help Him In DC, Too)

10:59 PM 08/26/2014

When Congress comes back from recess in September, Rep. Kevin McCarthy will begin his first days as the majority leader of the House. The moderate but amiable California Republican will face a number of major challenges in his new role, among them a conservative-leaning caucus that will expect conservative votes; an autocratic Senate majority leader who won't allow conservative measures to even come to a vote; a Democratic president bent on vilifying the GOP as obstructionist at best; and a tough election, where the GOP needs to win the Senate to have any hope of legislative success before January 2017.

The Real Failure Of The Missouri Police

11:42 PM 08/20/2014

The police have failed the people of Ferguson, Missouri. But not in the manner the media has shown, nor simply by the shooting of an unarmed man. They have failed in their most basic duty to protect and to serve -- to protect life and property, and to preserve order. Despite all their gear, weaponry and armored vehicles, they haven't done the job of a basic blue-shirted officer of the peace, and for that, any trace of trust Ferguson's citizens may have clung to has been shattered, torched and carried off into the night by the criminals now running the city.

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Asian American Journalists Association Conceals Chinatown Convention Location

10:23 PM 08/12/2014

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) is coming to Washington, D.C. Wednesday to hold its 2014 national convention. Founded in 1981, the nonprofit claims 1,600 members nationwide, rising to national prominence after issuing an "advisory" on "danger zones" to journalists covering Asian-American NBA star Jeremy Lin. (RELATED: Asian American Group Wants No 'Fortune Cookie,' 'Grasshopper' Jokes In Jeremy Lin Coverage)

Save The Rain Forest, My Ass

11:36 PM 07/30/2014

Ebola is on the rampage, with nearly 700 dead and two American missionaries infected in the worst outbreak in history. Ebola -- that's the incurable disease that causes your entire body to hemorrhage until you bleed death from every orifice. That hurts. Raising the question: How the hell do you get Ebola?

This Is What The Civil Rights Movement Is Doing For You Today

9:55 PM 07/29/2014

There aren't a lot of things more off-putting than whining about your circumstances. The average friend will tolerate approximately two "I-work-too-muchs," three "my-back-hurts" and four "it's-too-hots/it's-too-colds." Among lovers, that number climbs about 20 percent in the first three years, but declines dramatically after marriage.