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Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford
Senior Editor, The Daily Caller; Editor in Chief, TheDCNF
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      Christopher Bedford

      Christopher Bedford is the editor in chief of The Daily Caller News Foundation and a senior editor at The Daily Caller, where he writes a column on politics, culture and good cheer.

NYPD Support For Trump On Quiet Display

3:04 PM 11/08/2016

NEW YORK CITY---In the days leading up to the first election results, reporters have busied themselves running around Manhattan complaining that they cannot find any New York Donald Trump supporters to interview. They're actually pretty easy to spot: they're the ones in blue uniforms.

Let’s See What We Can Deduce About These Democrats, Based Entirely On If They Sit Like A Dude, A Girl, Or A Senator From Massachusetts

4:29 PM 06/22/2016

Democratic congressmen are mad they haven't voted on a gun-ban bill yet, so on Wednesday, they sat down on the floor of the House of Representatives. The House banged the gavel and ended the session, cutting off the cameras and most of their publicity, but thanks to social media, we get to catch a glimpse of congressional floor-sitting styles.

SPRINGTIME To Break Out Some Mango Habanero And Grapefruit IPAs

3:10 PM 04/03/2016

It's springtime. Ish. And just as men are suddenly allowed to wear searsucker, and women, praise be upon them, sundresses, we're allowed to throw a little pep into our beer. So it is in this spirit that The Daily Caller went off the beaten trail and tried a few of America's stranger IPAs.

Why Public Polling Was Wrong But Campaign Reads Were So Right

11:22 PM 02/07/2016

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- In the two weeks that lead up to Monday’s opening salvos in Iowa, pundits and observers saw something interesting unfold. Sens. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] and [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] had an extra hop in their step, even while the public media polls remained about the same, with Donald Trump winning almost every one conducted. The secret to these teams’ newfound enthusiasm was simple: They know something we don’t know.

This Is Where Chris Christie Plans To Beat Marco Rubio

9:33 AM 01/15/2016

CHARLESTON. S.C. -- Gov. Chris Christie's campaign headed to Iowa at 7:30 Friday morning. There's no time to rest after a rowdy night marked by clashes with Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore]: The campaign is betting on the long slog through a winnowing field, rather than pulling in front of the Florida senator he sparred with in either of the first two nomination contests.

In 2017, Americans Might Celebrate Thanksgiving With Haggis

11:13 PM 11/25/2015

Rejoice, lovers of meat and adventure. Or give thanks, as it were. In two years, you may very well be able to enjoy a spot of Scottish lamb with your American turkey. And with that lamb, all that comes with it -- including, even, the legendary Scotch haggis.