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EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Asian American Journalists Association Conceals Chinatown Convention Location

Chinatown's Friendship Gate. David Gaines.

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) is coming to Washington, D.C. Wednesday to hold its 2014 national convention. Founded in 1981, the nonprofit claims 1,600 members nationwide, rising to national prominence after issuing an "advisory" on "danger zones" to journalists covering Asian-American NBA star Jeremy Lin. (RELATED: Asian American Group Wants No 'Fortune Cookie,' 'Grasshopper' Jokes In Jeremy Lin Coverage)

Save The Rain Forest, My Ass

11:36 PM 07/30/2014

Ebola is on the rampage, with nearly 700 dead and two American missionaries infected in the worst outbreak in history. Ebola -- that's the incurable disease that causes your entire body to hemorrhage until you bleed death from every orifice. That hurts. Raising the question: How the hell do you get Ebola?

This Is What The Civil Rights Movement Is Doing For You Today

9:55 PM 07/29/2014

There aren't a lot of things more off-putting than whining about your circumstances. The average friend will tolerate approximately two "I-work-too-muchs," three "my-back-hurts" and four "it's-too-hots/it's-too-colds." Among lovers, that number climbs about 20 percent in the first three years, but declines dramatically after marriage.

In Defense Of Maureen Dowd

10:24 PM 06/04/2014

"Maureen Dowd is kind of an idiot" may sound like a strange way to start of an apologia for Maureen Dowd, but it's true. And it's important to get it out of the way before we get into the weeds. And by the weeds, we mean the hotel room.

A Message To MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow [VIDEO]

11:01 PM 04/29/2014

On Monday afternoon, MSNBC host Ronan Farrow sounded his Twitter trumpet, asking his dozens of adoring fans to "forget One Direction" and send him a video of what makes us "beautiful."