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The Daily Caller: Our Story [VIDEO]

12:21 AM 04/01/2013

The Northern Virginia-based political news outlet Politico recently produced and published a video describing its origins and importance. Inspired by the video's seriousness and awed by the impact the video tells us Politico is having on the lives of elite men and women across this great land, The Daily Caller now tells its own tale of its founding and impact for posterity. We hope it changes your life.

Barney and Occupy DC: ‘Sharing is caring’ [VIDEO]

12:01 PM 10/15/2011

Who's really behind the Occupy DC protesters? The Daily Caller noticed some striking similarities between everyone's favorite purple dinosaur and this week's protest outside the Americans for Tax Reform building in Washington.

Live tweeting the Reagan Library GOP debate

7:54 PM 09/07/2011