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ESPN’s Chris Broussard: Hip hop is symptom of social ills, not root cause

David Daniels
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 09:  Kanye West (L) and Jay-Z perform during the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on November 9, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Hip hop is often blamed for negatively impacting American culture, but Chris Broussard, an ESPN NBA insider and the president of Christian men's movement K.I.N.G., believes critics are missing the big picture.

Buffalo Bills Stevie Johnson advises North Korea to bomb Foxborough, Mass.

11:23 AM 04/04/2013

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson hopes North Korea does not resort to war, but if the nation has to bomb anyone, he wants Foxborough, Mass. to be the target.

Bob Costas quotes Ludacris on MLB Network [VIDEO]

2:44 PM 04/03/2013

In a recent MLB Network broadcast, Bob Costas revealed that Ludacris is his favorite rapper.

Kentucky sends football recruit 115 handwritten letters

3:39 PM 03/27/2013

The University of Kentucky recently mailed Drew Barker, a high school football recruit, 115 handwritten letters in an effort to persuade him to play for the Wildcats.

Christian rapper Lecrae finally explains ‘Jesus Piece’ confrontation with Game

5:57 PM 03/26/2013

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Grammy Award-winning Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae cleared up the circumstances of his dispute with Interscope Records rapper Game this winter.

Sen. Casey wants President Obama one-on-one in basketball

3:29 PM 03/20/2013

WASHINGTON -- Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey is confident that he could successfully take on President Barack Obama one-on-one in basketball.

Kentucky basketball fan blames Wildcats’ NCAA Tournament absence on ‘liberal socialism’ [VIDEO]

3:52 PM 03/19/2013

Kentucky's men's basketball team won the 2012 NCAA Tournament, but failed to qualify for this year's Big Dance -- all because of "liberal socialism," one KU fan alleged.

NBA star dunks on twin brother [VIDEO]

5:48 PM 03/13/2013

The Brooklyn Nets' Brook Lopez dunked over his twin brother, Robin Lopez of the New Orleans Hornets, on Wednesday night, proving Brook is downright heartless.

Cleveland Indians take their turn doing Harlem Shake [VIDEO]

4:12 PM 03/13/2013

The Cleveland Indians are a little late to the Harlem Shake party, but they made up for their tardiness in style.

NFL Network analyst doesn’t know mic is on, drops F-bomb about Bill Belichick [VIDEO]

2:55 PM 03/13/2013

Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive tackle turned NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp cursed out conversation centered on New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick during a recent broadcast.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly: White culture kills artists

3:24 PM 03/12/2013

As a flourishing white, hardcore hip-hop artist, Richard Colson Baker -- better known by his stage name, "Machine Gun Kelly" -- has shattered stereotypes, no thanks to "bitch ass motherf**kers" in the suburbs.

Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till lyric sparks debate in hip-hop community about relation to civil rights movement

1:12 AM 03/08/2013

The recent controversy surrounding Lil Wayne's mockery of Emmett Till has sparked a debate within the hip-hop community about how well current artists understand and respect the civil rights movement.

PGA Tour stars swap golf club for mic in hip-hop music video [VIDEO]

2:03 PM 03/05/2013

Oh, oh, oh -- golf's very own version of the "Fab Four" are back with a bang.

Lupe Fiasco steers clear of attacking Obama in return to DC [VIDEO]

1:26 PM 02/28/2013

SILVER SPRING, Md. -- Lupe Fiasco doesn't "give a f**k."

Dwarf firefighter benches 285 pounds, inspires community

3:30 PM 02/25/2013

Vince Brasco, a 4’1”, 92-pound bodybuilder and volunteer firefighter, isn’t an arsonist, but he’s lit a figurative flame under Greensburg, PA.

Toronto Raptors broadcaster’s diss infuriates Wale [VIDEO]

4:10 PM 02/20/2013

Washington D.C. rapper Wale confronted Toronto Raptors play-by-play analyst Matt Devlin at the Wizards-Raptors game on Feb. 19 after the commentator mocked him during the broadcast.

Andrew Bynum: Philadelphia’s barbers suck

6:57 AM 02/20/2013

Andrew Bynum has made more noise with his hair than his play for the Philadelphia 76ers this season -- and that trend continues.

Ole Miss recruiter sends hundreds of Facebook messages to prospect, prospect’s girlfriend

4:57 PM 02/19/2013

An Ole Miss football recruiter took to the Internet in an attempt to reel in five-star offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Hockey team forfeits playoff game after ‘Harlem Shake’ video goes viral [VIDEO]

2:59 PM 02/19/2013

One New York high school hockey team took the Harlem Shake craze too far -- and it cost them.