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David Fontaine Mitchell
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      David Fontaine Mitchell

      David Fontaine Mitchell is a commentator and author. His book, “Ascension Island and the Second World War,” was published in 2011.

‘The Debt Bomb’: A page-turner about the federal budget

If you’re concerned about our nation’s growing fiscal crisis — and regardless of political persuasion, you should be — then Senator Tom Coburn’s new book, The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America, should be the next title you pick up. Coburn identifies the root of the current problem, exposes the devastating effects of staying the course and provides detailed solutions for getting the nation back on track. Pulling no punches, the senator goes after both Republicans and Democrats who are content with serving their own self-interests while ignoring the greater economic situation.

Can Romney rally the base?

4:16 PM 04/21/2012

Mitt Romney has waged one of the most negative primary battles in recent memory. His scorched-earth political strategy has torn at the fabric of the GOP, and the governor isn’t exactly showing a willingness to sew the pieces back together. If the Republican establishment expects grassroots conservatives to simply “get their asses in line” (in the words of the prolific John Boehner), they had better rethink their position.

The war on reason

3:29 PM 04/13/2012

It has been an exercise in futility to find a news outlet not covering the supposed “war on women” in at least some detail. Where did this phrase come from, and why has it suddenly re-entered our political lexicon?

Attacking the judiciary: When is it appropriate?

2:55 PM 04/07/2012

It wasn’t long ago that Newt Gingrich was coming under heavy fire for his comments regarding the judiciary. Over the course of the Republican primary, the former speaker has taken multiple shots at controversial U.S. District Judge Fred Biery of Texas. In a ruling last year that made national headlines, Biery prohibited the Medina Valley Independent School District from sanctioning public prayer at a high school graduation ceremony. The students were ordered not to use religious words such as “prayer” or “amen” and were instructed to replace the terms “invocation” and “benediction” with “opening remarks” and “closing remarks” in the official graduation program. Biery ordered that individuals who did not obey his dictate were to be either incarcerated or face other sanctions for contempt of court.