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      David Weinberger

      David Weinberger previously worked in communications at The Heritage Foundation. He currently blogs near the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

The Moral Case For Low Taxation

Recent tax proposals have let loose the dogs of economic war. While debate has raged over the impact of tax cuts on growth and revenue, the moral case for low taxation remains largely neglected.

The Myth That Tax Cuts Don’t Work

2:02 PM 02/08/2017

Despite the preponderance of contrary evidence, myths persist that tax cuts primarily benefit “the rich” and have no discernible impact on economic growth.

This Is Why Economic Recovery Has Been So Weak

2:06 PM 02/01/2017

“I actually compare our economic performance to how, historically, countries that have wrenching financial crises perform. By that measure, we probably managed this better than any large economy on Earth in modern history.” – Barack Obama

What’s Wrong With Democracy?

12:33 PM 10/20/2015

America is a democratic republic. But today, any mention of the republican nature of our democracy has all but disappeared from the public square. Indeed the very idea of a republic has fallen into disrepute.

Does this election pit ‘the rich versus the rest’?

10:22 AM 07/20/2012

As is now well understood, President Obama cannot campaign for re-election on his record, so he and his liberal allies are advancing class envy and division. Epitomizing this approach, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote a column earlier this week charging that the election is about “the rich versus the rest,” suggesting that Mitt Romney’s policies would favor the rich and hurt the poor and middle class. While this critique of Romney’s policies may be politically astute, it isn’t supported by the facts.

Why RomneyCare doesn’t need to hurt Romney’s presidential hopes

9:41 PM 12/12/2010

Former Governor Mitt Romney (R–Mass.) is anticipated to be a top Republican presidential contender in 2012. However, RomneyCare seems to be an increasingly sharp thorn in his side, and could even prevent him from being the Republican nominee. As the governor gears up for campaigning he should be prepared to address the inevitable criticism of RomneyCare from the Right by articulating federalism, acknowledging his reform’s shortcomings, and supporting repeal of ObamaCare. Doing so could transform him from a grudgingly-supported candidate to a confidently-supported and formidable one.